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Women with a Vision – Luxury Management Conversation Series

On 29 November 2017, SP Jain’s Luxury Management cohort participated in their third Conversation Series with the women leaders of the Luxury industry.

Topics: Luxury Management, Conversation Series

Understanding Game Theory on the Horse Race Tracks

After learning about efficient markets in the classrooms, on 28th Nov. 2017, SP Jain’s BEC students at Dubai headed out the Horse Race Tracks to see if the efficient market theory works.

Topics: Global Learning at SP Jain, Dubai

Staying Alive – SP Jain Toastmasters Club Meets

The 17th meeting of the SP Jain Toastmasters Club was held on 25 November with TM Sami Herbawi’s motivating theme "Staying alive". The meeting started with TM Devang Thanki’s welcome address, followed by the promising President TM Parmita’s message.

Topics: EMBA, Toastmasters

Jaguars ace Emirates Environmental Inter-University Public Speaking Competition

The Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) hosted its 17th Inter-University Public Speaking competition on 23rd and 24th November 2017. With 4 categories and around 60 teams competing from across the Middle East ranging from Palestine to Jordon, the competition was dedicated to sustainable issues. The topics for discussion included:

  1. Sustainable balance: People and the Planet
  2. Quality Education: Roadmap to Sustainable Development
  3. The Future of Power, and
  4. Sustainable Food Systems – Understanding Food Security

Topics: BBA, Dubai

Sustainability, a driving force for innovation – BBA Jaguars visit Bee’ah

Undergraduate students from SP Jain’s Dubai campus participated in an industrial visit to Bee’ah, Middle East’s leading fully integrated environmental & waste management company, on 21st Nov. 2017. Bee’ah, meaning ‘environment’ in Arabic, started in 2007, and has been making magnificent developments over the last 10 years.

Topics: Global Learning at SP Jain, Dubai

How strong is the Economy in 2017 - Ryan Felsman discusses

On 21st November 2017, SP Jain’s Sydney Campus invited Ryan Felsman (Senior Economist at CommSec) to deliver a guest lecture to our students describing the state of the Australian economy in 2017.

Topics: Global Learning at SP Jain, Sydney

Everyday Differences: Customer Experience Management with Dr. John Fong

As the world evolves, the way we do business is changing. One of the key features of the 21st century business world is Smarter Customers. This monumental difference has brought about a change in the way businesses approach customer service.

Topics: Global Learning at SP Jain, Sydney

How to Better Market Yourself through LinkedIn – An EMBA ECAP Initiative at Dubai

Today, LinkedIn has become an essential personal branding vehicle. Over the years, this virtual professional network has morphed from being an Online resume and networking site to a comprehensive personal branding resource. 

Realising the increasing importance of LinkedIn for professional managers and as a part of the ECAP initiative, SP Jain’s Dubai campus recently organised a 1.5-hour session about LinkedIn. The session titled How to better Market Yourself through building a great profile on LinkedIn was conducted by a recognised expert from the digital social media world, Ms. Alexandra Maia – CEO & Founder, House of Social.

Topics: EMBA, SP Jain Dubai, ECAP

The Global Learning Quiz with Chris Hall

On 17th November, SP Jain’s Sydney campus indulged in the seasonal Global learning quiz facilitated by Chris Hall. The event helped draw out the competitive nature in the participating groups using a sophisticated game show system

Topics: Global Learning at SP Jain, Sydney

SPJ Alumni Meet Sydney

On 10th November, SP Jain’s diverse alumni community came together at its Sydney campus to celebrate the recent Forbes rankings. MBA programs are recognized through rankings by prestigious publications like Financial Times, The Economist and Forbes, and SP Jain School of Global Management has been the youngest school to be ranked by all three. For the last 5 consecutive years, SP Jain’s Global MBA program has been ranked among the world’s Top 20 1-year International MBAs by the American publication, Forbes.

Topics: Alumni Meet, Sydney

Engaging with the leaders of the luxury industry – Luxury Management Conversation Series

On 17 November 2017, the students of Luxury Management’s Batch 03 participated in the first session of the Conversation Series. The panel consisted of Suman Agarwal - Image Consultant (ICBI); Firdaus Rana - VP of Sales Taj Group; Hiral Shah - Food Blogger and Entrepreneur; and Gazal Mehta - Jewellery Designer (Ansh Gems).

DSC_1171.jpg  DSC_1182.jpg

Engaging the students in the rich history of Taj, explaining the difficulties of starting a career in image consultancy, describing the difference in functioning of the different hotel chains in the country, understanding the intricacies of jewellery designing, and gaining insights into the wide and developing arena of food blogging – the Conversation Series was an eye-opener for the students of Luxury Management.

As the first conversation series came to an end, it left the students a little inspired, a little intrigued and for some, even a little excited.

Topics: Luxury Management, Conversation Series

Rise and Shine: SPJ Toastmasters Club Meets

‘Everybody has their own definition of success. For some, it's reaching up the corporate ladder; for some, it's having a seat in the Boardroom; and for some, enjoying the perks of being a boss and to ‘lead by example’. But, for me, it's to make a difference in the quality of my life. In Toastmasters, we came here with some objective and try hard to achieve it by giving speech, evaluating speech, or by participating in table topics.’ - TM Parmita

Topics: EMBA, SPJ Toastmasters