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SP Jain Singapore Campus Welcomes the New Jags of 2017 – The Global Journey Begins

This year, the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program of SP Jain School of Global Management welcomed around 185 new Jaguars from 27 different nationalities including China, South Korea, India, Mauritius, Mexico, Russia, Southeast Asia, and Europe, among others.

While it is their first time in Singapore for many, a large number of students are also experiencing their first time living away from home. The Jaguars of 2017 have come together for their journey with SP Jain, learning and living in three different megacities of the world—Singapore, Dubai, and Sydney— immersing themselves in various environments, cultures and situations, becoming independent global business leaders. The new Jaguars will not just interact with people of different backgrounds, but also experience these new backgrounds first-hand.

Topics: BBA, Orientation

Mistake is the Best Teacher – Business Simulation for GFMB Batch 08

Business Simulation Class for Global Family Managed Business (GFMB) Program – Batch 08, 1st Contact / Month

September 6, 2017

Simulation Lab - SP Jain School of Global Management, Dubai Campus

100+ Sons & daughters of family business owners largely from India, handful from Pakistan, 1 from Kenya (2 divisions / batches)

Jaishankar M. Talreja (Author of the Simulation & & Facilitator for the session)

While there is hardly any disagreement in the class when I make a case for ‘Mistake being the Best Teacher’, yet everyone admits that mistakes in real-life are time consuming, expensive, demoralising & unsafe . Imagine a pilot making mistakes on flight! So ‘Flight Simulators’ are used for training pilots because in a ‘simulation’ (imitation of a real-life system), mistakes are rapid, inexpensive, encouraging & safe!

Just like pilots, entrepreneurs too can learn on a Business Simulator especially if the simulation is based on a real-life case where the faculty has first-hand experience. So, instead of using an off-the-shelf simulation which the participants may or may not even relate to, I decided to build a simulation on the case of a family business I had consulted for around 3 years; leveraging on my earlier experience in building simulations on ‘Post Merger Integration’ with Tata Interactive Systems and on ‘Transforming Businesses’ for a leading executive coaching company. The GFMB Program Director, Prof. Parimal Merchant (a stalwart / authority in the FMB arena), who has always inspired me, had been pushing me to make simulations for some time in any case.

Topics: Global Family Managed Business, Simulation

Meeting the Mentors - Toastmasters Excom and Mentor Quarterly meeting

Seven months ago, at the start of their Toastmasters journey, the SPJ Toastmasters Club was matched with their talented mentors, TM Phillip and TM Love.  “They both changed our lives, as we evolve as Toastmasters, enhancing our communication and leadership skills. We are so grateful that they took us under their wing”, said the Team as they met their mentors for an American breakfast spread at the Denny’s restaurant on 2nd September, 2017.

Topics: EMBA; Toastmaster