Your experiences at SP Jain will be with you for life. Stay a part of our community. 

Our alumni network offers more than friendship and fun. It offers valuable industry networking options and opportunities. It also offers you a chance to give back to your alma mater – your assistance can help craft our next batch of global leaders.

SP Jain is a global community and we have our alumni networks all over the world.




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Saurish Nandi

EMBA 2012,  
Co-Founder & CTO,


Kautilya Bansal

GFMB 2017,
Director - Training, Abhinav Global School


Subhendu Pattnaik

GMBA 2009,
Global Head of Marketing,


Kunal Aman

GMBA 2011,
Head of Marketing & Communications,
SAS India


College experience comes and goes like a wind. What remains is a bunch of warm memories which you cherish for the rest of your lives!

For reliving your college life again, SP Jain is offering an amazing platform to rejoin college and get certified in a particular subject which you were dreaming and never had a chance before.

SP Jain is starting its Alumni College where in you, our alums can join and opt for your choice of subjects.

Those of you who were not able to take up one of your favorite subjects because of the credit limitations of the course during your GMBA/MGB/EMBA program or because that particular course was not a part of the specialisation that you had opted for now can enroll for the course.

Also, those who, during their climb up the career ladder, feel that they had to strengthen themselves in a particular area and want to learn the latest advances in that particular field can enhance their knowledge and skills by joining this program.

The schedule of the different courses along with the faculty profiles are available on the Alumni portal.


Have you ever thought of contributing any benefits to SP Jain for the difference it has made in your personal and professional life? Here is your opportunity to give back to your school by supporting the current and aspiring participants for a unique learning and networking experience.

Giving back to your school is purely a personal decision. In giving back, you could open the door for future students by providing scholarships, or you could choose to tutor students who are struggling academically or help the alumni team with a fundraising event. There are many ways to give back to your alma mater, from donating money to mentoring a student. 

And of definite importance, perform in your personal/professional life: because it’s your performance that defines the credibility of SP Jain. Talk about your experience at SP Jain to your colleagues and friends. Pass the word. A school with a strong reputation is going to make your degree all the more valuable over the years.


Alumni Portal