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Technology is disrupting every industry, even Education: S P Jain President Nitish Jain at the Brand India Summit

October 27, 2016: The Association of Business Communicators of India (ABCI), in its endeavour to unravel the true strengths and potential of India, organised the Brand India Summit to expand the definition and positioning of Brand India – from being merely a cultural tourist destination to one with a history and tradition fostered in innovation, scientific curiosity, and technology.

Speaking at the event, on Education and Entrepreneurship, S P Jain President Nitish Jain highlighted that at S P Jain, the focus has always been on providing modern and relevant education, emphasising that the sage on the stage model of education has now become redundant with the advent of technology, especially the Internet. At a time as this, where technology is disrupting every industry, he questioned why the education industry should be spared. And as a 21st century business school, S P Jain takes immense pride in being the pioneer, the technology disruptor in the field of education.

Topics: Brand India Summit 2016