The Global Owner Manager Program (Global OMP) is an innovative 12-month professional program designed to equip business owners with the knowledge, skills and attitude required to tackle challenges that are unique to family managed businesses. The program is designed to excite, enthuse and expose owners of family businesses to new and proven management approaches, enabling them to transform their businesses.


Program led by Professor Parimal Merchant

The GOMP faculty at SP Jain are stalwarts in family managed business, having specialized in the subject for at least a decade or more. Led by Prof. Parimal Merchant, our excellent professors have an immaculate way of connecting with the participant on personal and business issues, giving students an extended learning and comfort of asking questions, without hesitation.

The program includes 1½ days per month (weekend) of classroom lessons over 12 months at S P Jain’s state-of-the-art campuses. The lessons learnt during this period are real world and highly relevant to family businesses.

Understanding the global business environment is key to business success, and at S P Jain, we offer our students the option to choose to diversify their learning by studying in Dubai or Mumbai. Our students understand the global nature of business in the most compelling way – through actual exposure to diverse cultures, political beliefs, traditions and technological innovations.

While the program imparts modern and global perspectives it also addresses cultural issues peculiar to Family Businesses grounded in culture, traditions and family beliefs. The program also enables the students to learn about varied family interfaces and changes in the family cycle.

The program offers participants lifetime access to S P Jain’s eminent faculty, alumni network, and the opportunity to mentor subsequent batches and participate in campus events and refresher programs.

In the last five years of our short but checkered twelve-year-old history, we have been ranked by three of the world’s top four business school rankings – Forbes, Financial Times and the Economist. In each of these rankings, we are the youngest school featured – an accomplishment we attribute to our unique and innovative model of business education.
The topics that would be covered in the twelve months are:
  • Managing People
  • Managing Operations
  • Managing Money
  • Newer Concepts in Management
  • Getting ready to face tomorrow
  • Role of Top Management
  • Understanding Priority for Owners
  • Understanding Management
  • Managing Actions

The program is ideal for owners of family businesses.

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Participants are guided and stimulated by a pool of world-class faculty who have collective experience of teaching and consulting family businesses > 100 years. Their profiles are listed below: 


TOTAL Program Fee : INR 2,00,000 + 18% GST

This 12 Months Program starts in August 2017, with 1½ day every month.
Following are the Dates:

19th & 20th Aug
16th & 17th Sept
28th & 29th Oct
18th & 19th Nov
16th & 17th Dec
20th & 21st Jan
17th & 18th Feb
17th & 18th Mar
21st & 22nd Apr
19th & 20th May
16th & 17th Jun
21st & 22nd Jul


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