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A Tour to Paris – Learning the nuances of the Luxury Industry

Practical learning stimulates academic training and broadens the perspective of students extensively. Every day is a hands-on research, which is of fundamental importance within the luxury domain. In order to build upon such experiences, the Luxury Management students were made part of a study tour to Paris – the city of the leading flagship stores, museums and astounding boutiques of the luxury hub. They embarked on their journey into deep diving within luxury in its finest disposition.

Topics: Luxury Management

Experiencing Jewellery Manufacture - MGLuxM Factory Visit to Diyaan

Occasions Everyday! That’s the essence at Diyaan.

The students of Masters in Global Luxury Goods and Services Management experienced the same at Diyaan’s factory-workshop which spoke volumes not only about the process of jewellery manufacturing but also celebrating the little things that come along the way.

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Conversing with The Luxury Leaders:  The Conversation Series Concludes for Batch-2

The Conversation Series acts as a constant and progressive learning experience for all the MGLuxM students. The series helps widen their insights and bridge the gap between their academic learnings and industry exposure, managing to successfully engage the students into a practical and realistic goal setting and thinking.

The students of MGLuxM (Intake of April 2017) recently attended their last session of the Conversation Series for their Term 1 in Mumbai. The panel was graced by industry experts like Sachin Jain (M.D. – Forever Mark), Nandita Ganesh (Visual Merchandiser – D’décor), and Akash Chandravanshi (Visual Merchandiser – LVMH).

Topics: Luxury Management

Luxury Management Conversation Series – Where the students meet the experts

Interactions with the industry experts has become a notable means of honing our students’ skills and knowledge in the luxury ecosystem. Abiding by our weekly rituals of the conversation series, on 14th July, 2017, the MGLuxM students had the noble opportunity of reaping expert advices from a panel comprising of:

Topics: Luxury Management

Conversation Series #5: Exploring Luxury Market Globally

The MGLuxM Conversation Series has been augmenting with neoteric series week after week. The latest event was conducted on 30th June,2017, where the students gained broad vision into distinctive sectors. The students learnt from the industry artists various spectrums of entrepreneurship, consumer behaviour and market structures.

Topics: Luxury Management

Getting acquainted with the Luxury Stalwarts - The MGLuxM Conversation Series

Mastering the Luxury Industry is no easy task. Making this task easier, SP Jain’s MGLuxM cohort has been participating in the Conversation Series every week in order to achieve oracles of success through imbibing industry learning.

Topics: Luxury Management, Conversation Series

Kurtas, Mekhalas, Pherans and more - MGLuxM Batch 2 celebrates Cultural and Traditional Day

To celebrate the epitome of India’s rich and diverse culture, the students of MGLuxM, April 2017 batch of SP Jain organised the ‘Cultural and Traditional Day”. Each student was adorned in their traditional attire from different parts of the country; from elegant sarees and salwar kameeez’ to kurtas and pyjamas, the day was a fantastic way to connect with and adapt to the assortment of traditions within the classroom itself.

Topics: Luxury Management

Conversation Series Reignites with MGLuxM Batch 2 discussing “Luxury Jewelry and Watch” sector

Learning is not subject only to classroom learning. The Masters in Global Luxury Goods and Services team endorses this fact and believes firmly in providing their students with the best possible industry exposure, to give them relevant insights and market awareness, from the pioneers in the luxury industry themselves.

Topics: Luxury Management

MGLuxM Students visit Taj Falaknuma Palace

We have all been such sincere aspirants of Western influence and their ideas of luxury, that we often tend to forget our roots. In order to celebrate, appreciate and live in the rich heritage of our country, the students of MGLuxM, April 2017 had the honor of visiting the glorious Taj Falaknuma Palace.

Truly celestial in its being, the name is rightly derived from the works “Falak” (sky) and “Numa” (like). The students experienced a day in the life of the Royals by being escorted by a horse chariot and welcomed by a shower of rose petals. They went ahead to admire and live in the truly inspiring and pioneering Indian luxury. From the Scorpion shaped layout, to quintessential Italian architecture, the cohort experienced luxury in its Indian primitive form.

The cohort also encountered the backbone of this splendid palace, being the HODs of Operations, Sales & Marketing, Customer Relations and Hospitality which assisted them in gaining relevant insights to ensure excellence in the field of luxury. Accompanied by the royal palace team for high-tea, our students surely did benefit largely from their expertise and knowledge.

Topics: Luxury Management, Industry Visit