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Marcus Alves, VP (APAC) Kraft Heinz addresses students at Singapore Campus


On 22nd September 2016, S P Jain hosted Mr. Marcus Alves, for a guest lecture organised by the Corporate Relations team. Marcus is the Vice President, Revenue Management and Training Business, of the Asia Pacific region of Kraft Heinz. He spoke to the students about why Behaviour Economics is really Marketing Science.

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Philippe Pédeboscq, Head of Finance (APAC) - Siemens Healthineers talks to students at our Singapore Campus

What is Healthineers?
Healthcare Engineers + Pioneers

On 15th of September, SP Jain School of Global Management, Singapore campus, had the honour to have Philippe Pédeboscq, Asia-Pacific Head of Finance, Laboratory Diagnostics, Siemens Healthineers to visit our campus. He was here to give a short introduction of his company Siemens Healthineers, which name reflects the pioneering spirit and engineering expertise of the company within the healthcare industry.

The lecture gave a brief overview of Siemens’ business over the last 120 years, especially the on-goings of the past two years. Philippe shared some of the best practices and strategies behind the company’s valuechain. Established May 2014, from the company’s existing healthcare sector, Siemens Healthineers is considered “A company within the company”. Philippe walked us through the timeline of the establishment of Siemens Healthineers independent from its parent company Siemens AG, and shared insights into how Siemens Healthineers is operating and competing in the healthcare industry now.

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SP Jain hosts Cultural Night to Welcome Postgraduate Students to the Singapore Campus

From Learning about A New Culture to Being Part of It

Every semester, S P Jain welcomes a new batch of students to the Singapore campus. With the tri-city campus model, new students arrived at the campus after completing two semesters in Dubai and Sydney respectively. Singapore is their last stop, where they end their twelve months’ journey together.

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SP Jain Singapore Campus Welcomes the new Jags-2016

This year, we saw around 180 freshmen students from nearly 30 different countries such as China, Egypt, South Korea, India, Mauritius, Mongolia, Portugal, Russia and Spain to name a few. They are here in Singapore to join our Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) course – the course that brings them to three different megacities – Singapore, Dubai and Sydney respectively.

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Emma Heap – MD of Foodpanda, Singapore joins students for a guest lecture at Singapore Campus

Today, technology has changed food from being not only sustenance but also a part of our lifestyle.

Some weeks back, Emma Heap – Managing Director of Foodpanda Singapore, shared how ‘Digital Commerce’ has impacted the food and beverage industry. With a high spirit that was evident throughout her seminar, she introduced the firms Rocket Internet and Foodpanda and also explained how it’s like to work for them. To summarise Rocket Internet in one line, they are not investors, but builders!

With a focus on markets other than USA and China, especially on the Southeast of Asia, Rocket Internet and Foodpanda are aiming to disrupt the internet based business. Emma also shared insights on how today’s consumer needs and wants differ from before because of the changes that internet has brought, especially when it comes to food consumption.

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Mr. Jose Isidro N, MD-Credit Suisse visits the Singapore campus as Guest Speaker

S P Jain School of Global Management, Singapore Campus had the honour to have Mr. Jose Isidro N. (Lito), Managing Director of Credit Suisse, as the guest speaker. The session, organised by the Corporate Relations team, discusses about the five big megatrends that is occurring today in Asia.

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Postgraduate-2016 students to try out Dragon Boating at the Singapore waters


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The annual Graduation Ceremony for our postgraduate students is a grand event. SP Jain graduands were presented with their degree scrolls and awards in the presence of their lecturers, friends, and relatives. It was also an opportunity to celebrate their achievements, show gratitude to those who stood by them, and to look back on the memorable times spent during their course of study. 





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11 March 2016

Global business is all about teamwork. So what better way to learn the ropes (no pun intended) than to try your hand at sailing at Singapore's world-class marina?

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13 February 2016

The ground floor of J Cube Shopping Mall located in west Singapore, came to a halt. A curious crowd gradually gathered soon after hear some music being played. Shortly after the music began to play, a girl was seen making a graceful entry to the centre of the formation and began matching pace to the beats of the music. Soon after, a young man joined in the dance, and a group of young, enthusiastic individuals followed. 

Yes, it was a flash mob.

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