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14 January 2016

14 January 2016

The Undergraduate students in Singapore went for a pool rafting activity organised by the Global Learning Team. It was quite an excitement, as everyone was very curious to see what the afternoon had in store for them. Before the students went on for Pool Rafting, they has a small activity organised at the venue. This activity was a ball game called “captain’s ball”, where they were divided into teams of five, and the goal was to pass the ball to the ‘captain’, without the other team being able to get the ball. After a few exciting matches, they were finally taken down to the pool where the second and most awaited activity was to happen. 

The activity involved them to use four tire tubes and four poles and 10 strands of rope to make a raft, which could accommodate four people that needed to race with the raft of the other team. The race was designed in the form of a relay, whereby the teammates needed to take the raft to one edge of the pool and come back before the other team did the same, and this had to be done in a 4-time relay. Constructing the raft was a test of the students’ creativity and ability to strategize and make the right decisions. The sturdiness of the rafts was evidence of teamwork and determination. At the end of the day, there was one winner of the race, but all left with good experiences, great memories and more team spirit than what they had before.  







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