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Speed Networking: Where The EMBA Alumni Connect

Business, like any other relationship, works on an ecosystem which is equally giving, receiving, and sharing. Many of the SP Jain students are at crossroads in their lives; some who have achieved the roles they always dreamt of, and some who are finding new and creative pathways for themselves. 

A lot of our EMBA students have expressed an interest in expanding their network or connecting with professionals from other batches to try and see if they can match synergies professionally. Through the ‘Speed Networking’ event, SP Jain tried to aspire for exactly this goal. We wanted to create a platform where students from various batches come together to converse and ideate with each other. The idea was also to build a sense of community and belonging where our students can reach out to one another not only to ask for help, but also develop an attitude to lend a helping hand to those who need guidance.


We saw a great participation with students being completely engaged and engrossed in the activity. Post the event, many of the students expressed their learnings and an increased desire to engage in similar sessions and events of this nature in the future. Going forward, SP Jain plans to host similar networking events, albeit targeting specific skills and needs. eg: Start-ups and seed funding, Finance, and I.T. among others.

Topics: EMBA