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Dubai Immersion for GFMB Batch 07

SP Jain’s GFMB Batch 07 started off with amazing spirit of accomplishment. Handling a family business is different from working with a corporation. So, the experiences and knowledge you must have for each of these also differ. The GFMB cohort embarked on their journey to learn this from February 25 to March 5, 2017, where they took part in the Dubai Immersion.

GFMB 7 Group Pic.jpg

During this time, the GFMB students, apart from attending their regular classes, undertook various activities including Industrial Visits to four companies. They also participated in joint cohort activities and conducted interviews of a few businessmen in Dubai to understand the perspective of doing business in the Dubai market and through Dubai.

The batch later visited the Dubai Port and learnt about the efficiency of operation and the benefits of doing business in free trade zone.

They also with two GFMB alumni, who are from the trading and manufacturing business and gave the students an insight into the same.

The essence of the Dubai contact was to give a detailed exposure to the students and to sensitise them to different perspectives of doing business. It aimed at acquainting the students to an international location for the chance of their business undergoing a global expansion.


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