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19 January 2016

19 January 2016

It had been less than a month that the students of the two batches have been in Singapore. A visit therefore was thought necessary to Chinatown— the place that showcases the wide spectrum of the Singaporean culture. The college arranged for transportation and students left the campus at 7:00 pm.

The entire Chinatown wore a different look, decorated to welcome the Chinese New Year 2016. The streets had monkeys hanging from the arches. The students walked around and roamed through the lanes in the area. The various shops sold different things – from food to clothes to art. A bite of a jelly here, a sip of a tea there, wondering about Feng Shu talked about around the area, admiring the art, and other times staring curiously some weird things were, they thoroughly enjoyed their time. 

After much of the wandering and walkabout was over, the students settled down for a meal together. Each one ordered their preferences and shared all the food that came along. Tired after the walkabout and satisfied with a hearty meal, the students returned back with memories and the satisfaction of having experienced somethings different, something new.  


Students Say: 

"The visit provided a deep nose dive into the cultural diversity prevailing in a limited space city like Singapore. Walking through the China Town streets was fascinating and we could taste the spirit and cultural of China in that time. This included the clothing, language and including their cuisine which is a feast to Non-Veg lovers (including me).’’  

“Chinatown was a glimpse into a very different culture. It was an experience to remember“ 

“Chinatown walk was a refreshing break from an otherwise hectic schedule. It was a fascinating amalgam of culture and business”  


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