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Understanding the Business of Luxury Hospitality at JW Marriott, Dubai

On 2nd March 2017, Contemporary Marketing Management students of the GMBA May’16 cohort headed to JW Marriott Hotel, Dubai for a Global Learning visit. 

JW Marriott is part of Marriott International Inc., a leading global lodging company with more than 6,000 properties in 122 countries and territories, reporting revenues of more than $17 billion in the fiscal year 2016. 

Interacting with Mr. Cristiano Moulin, the Public Relations and Marketing Manager, as well as Mr. Kartik Bhat, the Training Manager - insights into JW Marriott’s history and its key milestones with international and regional contexts were shared. Mr. Moulin discussed the marketing trends in the U.A.E and the key practices involved in the process of sales & marketing, with a prime strategy focus on inventive ways to attract & serve a diverse customer base. The power of ‘The Marriott Effect’, which refers to the special moments created for guests making it a more sustainable and more successful brand, was also discussed. 

UAE Global Management Challenge 2017UAE Global Management Challenge 2017

Mr. Moulin also elaborated on the importance of digital promotions as well as the regional challenges in the hospitality sector, especially in Dubai. Post a short Q&A session, students were taken on a tour of the hotel’s eleven restaurants, the executive room, the royal suite and the facilities. 

“It was enlightening to understand the promotional strategies of luxury hoteliers and how even big brand names find it cumbersome to generate revenues without offering discounts and concessions,” - Student (GMBA CMM May 2016) 

“Understood the diverse market of UAE and the hotel industry’s competitive structure.”  - Student, (GMBA CMM May 2016)

Topics: Business of Luxury Hospitality