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Getting Insights into Expo 2020 – Global Learning Session with Sanjive Khosla, VP of EXPO 2020

Expo 2020 has been a popular buzzword for a while now. How big is it? Is it really a bigger event than the Oscars when it came to the business world? What is the Expo all about and how is it conducted? These were some of the many questions that boggled the minds of the GMBA and MGB students before SP Jain Dubai’s Global Learning Industry Voices invited Mr. Sajive Kholsa, Vice President of Dubai Expo 2020 to address the PG cohorts, highlight the historical significance of the Global Expos, and answer all their questions.

Conducting the session on 13th June 2018, Mr. Khosla walked the students through how Dubai and the UAE bid for the Expo and the challenges they overcame to bid through the relevant and futuristic theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” which focused on opportunity, mobility & sustainability. He also showed the students a concept video which explained the magnificent structure and layout of the Expo 2020 site, showcasing the ingenuity, creativity and strategy employed with the Expo 2020.

Getting Insights into Expo 2020


Mr. Khosla further shared what the expected footfall is for an event of this stature, what expectations people have from this Expo, and what opportunities it would open to the people of the UAE. “There will be many iconic structures coming up for the Expo, including the Expo site itself that would have iconic buildings like the Sustainability Centre, The UAE Pavilion inspired by the Falcon, and many more,” he shared.

When asked about his advice to students about their first job, he said, “Once you get in, you need to connect and be fully committed to it.”

* This Event Update has been written with updates provided by Shaurya Mathur (MGB Intake of Sept’17)

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