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Emma Heap – MD of Foodpanda, Singapore joins students for a guest lecture at Singapore Campus

Today, technology has changed food from being not only sustenance but also a part of our lifestyle.

Some weeks back, Emma Heap – Managing Director of Foodpanda Singapore, shared how ‘Digital Commerce’ has impacted the food and beverage industry. With a high spirit that was evident throughout her seminar, she introduced the firms Rocket Internet and Foodpanda and also explained how it’s like to work for them. To summarise Rocket Internet in one line, they are not investors, but builders!

With a focus on markets other than USA and China, especially on the Southeast of Asia, Rocket Internet and Foodpanda are aiming to disrupt the internet based business. Emma also shared insights on how today’s consumer needs and wants differ from before because of the changes that internet has brought, especially when it comes to food consumption.

Topics: GMBA, MGB, Singapore Campus, Visiting Wisdom

When Football Meets Business at Singapore Campus

The term ‘business’ can be found everywhere in the sport. It’s on the jersey, in the stadium, in the heads of the players, managers, and especially the owners. Each week, millions of dollars are transacted across clubs, fans and ticket offices, and sponsors. If there is a potential for money making, someone will have taken it.

Soccer – it’s all about business

Organised by the Global Learning Team, the S P Jain Football Competition is the continuation of the 1st edition of this tournament with the inclusion of an auction process in order to make it a sound business simulation. The auction mimics the bidding of players to play in the various teams.

Topics: GMBA, MGB

Global MBA students visit the EMC Singapore office as a part of their industry visit

This 17 June, Friday, a group of Global MBA students were invited for a company visit to EMC. They were fortunate to have two senior members of the company guide the tour.

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Postgraduate-2016 students to try out Dragon Boating at the Singapore waters


Topics: GMBA, MGB, Singapore Campus


19 February 2016

Ferrari World is located on Yas Island on the north-eastern side of Abu Dhabi’s mainland. It is not only the world’s largest indoor theme park but also has the world’s fastest roller coaster “Formula Rossa”. 

Topics: MBA, GMBA, Postgraduate, EMBA


22 January 2016

Topics: GMBA, MGB, Singapore Campus, Excursion


15 January 2016

MultiTaction, is a product leader who develops interactive display systems suitable to the needs to multiple corporate clients globally. Headquartered in Finland, they have partnered globally and currently have their presence is 50 countries worldwide. The IT cohort of the GMBA May 15 had the opportunity to meet with Ollipekka Korhonen, Vice President – APAC Region to better understand their product hardware features and software designs, future outlook and the industry as well.  


Topics: Campus visit, GMBA