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SP Jain in the News

Unlocking the MBA Admission Code: A Holistic Approach to Success


In the article published in Poets & Quants, a resource for long-form, magazine cover-length features and profiles, Dr Veena Jadhav, Associate Dean (Global MBA & Master of Global Business) and Associate Professor (Leadership & HRM), SP Jain School of Global Management, discusses the complex process of preparing and securing admission to a global business school MBA program.


“What maybe seen as a “differentiating factor” at one school may be seen as a potential de-railer by another. An effective strategy is to carefully curate a list of potential B-school in different categories such as safety, reach and match that fit with your overall profile and post MBA aspirations. In summary, MBA aspirants should remember that just as they are stiving to receive acceptance into their dream program, B-schools also face the challenge of attracting the best. Once the essentials criteria such as CGPA, quality of work experience, GMAT scores etc are met with, what B-Schools are looking for is authenticity and clarity, and there is no substitute to a good preparation!” writes Dr Veena.

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