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SP Jain in the News

Dr. Nawazish Mirza on how credit ratings can be a force of change in UAE finance.

In a recent communiqué, the UAE’s Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) reiterated its aim of introducing credit rating regulations as part of UAE’s vision of having a well-developed, investment-conducive and resilient financial system. The proposed regulations are likely to address issues related to licensing and workings of credit rating agencies (CRAs) and contribute in encouraging the local fixed income market.

Gulf News Analysis

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Prof. Christopher's take on how the US election result may affect UAE firms

As the US presidential election campaigns enter their final leg, we asked several UAE’s business and economics specialists how the eventual winner might impact the country’s — and region’s — economy. On the surface, Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s stated economic policies are remarkably similar, at least as far as US dealings with the rest of the world are concerned.

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Prof. Christopher Abraham on Reimagining higher education, for DIAC & DKP Yearbook

The time is right to reimagine education. Current pedagogical approaches are insufficient for preparing the billions of students pursuing higher education globally. They are also insufficiently suited for preparing the type of leaders, entrepreneurs and thinkers necessary for the future.

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Dr. Nawazish Mirza (Director IIP and Associate Professor of finance) was quoted in Khaleej Times on his view on Bankruptcy Law in the UAE.

Those who scheme to declare bankruptcy to dodge their debts face a five-year jail sentence and a heavy fine of up to one million dirhams. The punishment was discussed by the ministry of finance, which reviewed the much-anticipated final draft law on bankruptcy in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday.

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