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The Revolution Which is Going to Sweep the Education Industry – Nitish Jain Writes in Entrepreneur India


Mr. Nitish Jain (President – SP Jain School of Global Management) recently authored an article on The Revolution Which is Going to Sweep the Education Industry in a reputed magazine, ‘Entrepreneur India’.

The article highlights how personalised education, the role of analytics and study groups, and new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Deep Learning and Internet of Things (IoT) will add new dimensions to the learning experience.

“One thing I am certain about — education, as we know it, will change to a great extent. There will be several new ways to deliver it — it could be entirely online, hybrid or campus-style…Not too far in the distant future (say in a decade or so), Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) would enable a learner to be far more intelligent and productive with the addition of a silicon chip,” shares Mr. Jain in the article.

About Entrepreneur India:

Entrepreneur India is a business magazine for Entrepreneurs & Professionals. The magazine is packed with business information, insight and knowledge that will enable entrepreneurs to conquer the daily challenges of building a business while simultaneously preparing for the next stage of an enterprise.



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