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SP Jain in the News

AI Funding Trends: Implications for Resilient Supply Chains


Dr Sadia Raaz, Associate Professor (IT and Research Methods), at SP Jain School of Global Management, writes an article in Techgraph, emphasising the factors influencing AI adoption in SCRM, such as integrated data management, complexity, talent, organisational agility, and disruption impact.


In the article, Dr Raaz highlights on how for business leaders to secure funding and justify AI initiatives, an integrated approach focusing on driving business outcomes, identifying relevant use cases, addressing data quality issues, and adopting sustainable practices is essential.

She adds, “Due to the after-effects of COVID-19, increasing complexity in supply chain processes, trade barriers, and growth of just-in-time processes, SCRM has become essential to ensure business continuity and operational performance of organisations. AI has the potential to proactively identify risk in supply chains and provide insights for effective risk response.”

To read the full article, please click here.



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