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Option 1: Study in Singapore, Sydney and Dubai
(Four months of academic study at each of our three campuses)
September 2020 Intake
Fee Details     USD
A. Payable by all students      
Registration Fee     5,000
Tuition Fee     25,600
B. Payable by students requiring a student visa      
Visa charges - Dubai*     950
Visa charges - Singapore     165
Visa charges - Australia   Students to obtain the same
C. Payable towards hostel accommodation (compulsory) and student life and activities      
Hostel Accommodation**
Inclusive of transport to campus (Dubai only)
Student Life and Activities (all campuses)     1,500
D. Course materials (including e-books), cases, simulations     1,300
E. Medical Insurance     750
F. VAT      
5% VAT on Tuition Fee - Dubai     427
5% VAT on Book Fee - Dubai     22
TOTAL     USD 48,624
  • *On completing the program in Dubai, the visa will need to be cancelled. The visa charge covers the cancellation charge.
  • **The housing costs charged are only for the 12-month period that students study at SP Jain campus. These do not include the 4-month internship tenure. Housing costs for the internship period are to be borne by the students separately. SP Jain will offer on-campus accommodation, provided the same is available, on a first-come first-serve basis, at an additional cost.

Please refer to the ‘Note’ section

Option 2: Study in Mumbai
(All 12 months of academic study at our Mumbai campus)
September 2020 Intake
Fee Details     INR
A. Registration Fee     3,54,000
B. Tuition Fee     16,28,400
C. Course Materials (including e-books), cases, simulations     1,18,000
D. Student Life and Activities     70,800
E. Medical Insurance     15,000
TOTAL     INR 21,86,200

The fees mentioned above are inclusive of 18% GST

Start in Mumbai with an option to move to other campuses


If you wish to start your studies in Mumbai and continue Term 2 or Term 3 or both the terms at our other campuses in line with our tri-city model, please write to the Admissions Team (mgb@spjain.org) and the team will personally assist you with a customised fee structure.



  • On-campus housing is compulsory in Dubai, Singapore and Sydney and you cannot stay off-campus. The program demands much preparation, group study and peer learning. Staying together on campus facilitates a smoother learning process for all participants, allowing them to benefit from teamwork, individual talents, cross-cultural exposure and more.
  • Fees are payable at SP Jain’s Dubai campus. Fees for studying in Mumbai are payable at SP Jain's Mumbai campus.
  • All airfares would be borne separately by students.
  • Accommodation costs include hostel charges in Dubai, Singapore and Sydney. The hostel accommodation fees do not include meal costs.
  • A variety of food plans are available to students. It is normal to spend AED 700 or SGD 500 or AUD 750, per month, towards food and other living costs.
  • Fees are subject to change at the discretion of the Institute.
  • The Singapore and Dubai visas will be processed by SP Jain.
  • The Australian visa needs to be processed by the students. SP Jain will assist students with the documentation. Details on student visas for Australia are available here. Students need to ensure that they fulfill all criteria for securing the visa.
  • Post completion of your degree, should you require the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) attestation for your degree and transcripts (for students living or proposing to work in Dubai, UAE), the certificates will be given to you after the attestation which will take a month from your date of graduation. There is a cost to be borne by students for the KHDA attestation which will be communicated to you at the time of graduation (at present, the cost is AED 220).

Payment Timeline

Last date for payment of all fees/monies – July 31, 2020**

**Payments received post the last date of July 31, 2020 will carry an interest rate of 15% p.a.