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Benefit from Powerful


Powerful Career Services

SP Jain’s postgraduate students benefit from a wide range of placement services and career readiness programs that we provide. Whether you are looking to join a new organisation, explore a new career trajectory or start your own business, our Career Advancement Services and powerful network of corporate contacts will help you leverage your experience and develop your potential as a world-class business leader.


We ensure that each student, at the end of their postgraduate program, is well placed for a successful career. Our Passport 2 Excellence (P2E) program prepares students for this comprehensively. Our work with students as part of the P2E program involves pairing them with their individual career objectives, work experience, educational background and, more importantly, positioning them for growth in their careers.

P2E also covers leadership and communication training, professional presentation, voice and body language, and how students present themselves in a job interview. For students who wish to change their careers, P2E offers special assistance by training and educating them on their new primary industry of interest. This soft knowledge helps students have successful job interviews and adapt better to a new work environment.



Our multinational Career Services offices in Dubai, India, Singapore and Sydney play a very important role in helping students achieve their career goals. In the initial terms of the program, our Career Services teams expose students to corporate centres, business leaders and entrepreneurs through guest lectures, industry visits and projects in the three cities. In the final term of the program, the teams help students build a strong career strategy and identify suitable roles and companies for them to apply to.