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SP Jain Aptitude Test



The aptitude test conducted by S P Jain is intended to test a student's IQ, mathematical ability, logic and reasoning capacity, English reading and comprehension ability. The paper would be divided into different sections based on these areas. The test is for a duration of 50 mins. The test consists of up to 34 questions. The format of the test may change from time to time, but the testing would be on the mentioned parameters. The aptitude test will be an online test. There is negative marking - different questions may have a different scale of negative marking, and this would be considered while calculating a student's score. We do not have sectional cut offs, we expect the overall score to meet our cut off. The appropriation of marks is explained below:

  No. of Questions Marks per question Total Marks per Section Negative Marking per question
Diagrammatic Reasoning 7 3 21 1
Logic 6 2 12 0.5
IQ 6 2 12 0.5
Numeracy 10 4 40 1
Reading Comprehension 5 3 15 1
Total 34   100  

*The format of the test may change.


A student has the option of paying the test fee by means of a CREDIT/DEBIT CARD (an international Visa or MasterCard). The fees payable would be INR 1,600 (inclusive of GST).



To register for the SPJAT,

STEP 1: Fill the online SPJAT registration form

STEP 2: Pay the registration fee of INR 1,600 (inclusive of GST)

STEP 3: A test link will be sent to you within 2 business days.

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For any problems please write to us: mgb@spjain.org / gmba@spjain.org