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SP Jain in the News

Progressive Trends in MBA Programs-Nitish Jain (President, SP Jain)


Nitish Jain (President of SP Jain School of Global Management) talks about the transformative trends in MBA programs for 2023 in his latest article in Education Times – a leading portal in the educational space.

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Describing the dynamic nature of the business world and the need for MBA programs to adapt to the rapidly evolving global landscape, Mr Jain elaborates in the article, “One of the standout trends in MBA specialisations is the growing emphasis on technology management. In the current business environment, technology is not just a tool but a driving force behind innovation and efficiency. MBA programmes are responding to this shift by incorporating courses and specialisations that equip students with the skills needed to navigate the digital frontier. Understanding emerging technologies, managing digital transformation, and leveraging data analytics are integral components of this change.”

The article highlights how MBA programs are renewing their focus on supply chain management, incorporating AI into the curriculum to optimise and enhance efficiency and redefine education by prioritising practical experience through internships, case studies, and industry collaborations.

To read the full article, please click here.



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