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Interning with UPilot Inc, USA - Saanvi Jain (BDS 2021) shares with Collegedunia


In an interview with Collegedunia, a leading educational portal in India, Saanvi Jain (Bachelor of Data Science, Intake of 2021) shares her internship experience. Regarding the role and the company where Saanvi interned, Saanvi says, “I was a Software Development Engineering Intern as part of the Business Intelligence Sales Dial software development project for UPilot Inc, a software company located in Sunnyvale, CA, USA. It was an online 4-month internship. My primary responsibility here was to create a backend database engine that would be utilised as a filter mechanism for the user.”


Ms Saanvi further adds, “This chance gave me insight into how the company will assign jobs to me in the future. It also helped me refine my resume. This internship provided me with a better perspective on how to manage both my academics and the tasks that were assigned to me.”

Talking about her challenges during the internship and how she overcame those, Saanvi elaborates, "Time was a major challenge for me because I had schoolwork and team meetings, both of which were quite frustrating. My friends and family helped me in every step."

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