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The Global FMB program is an innovative 12-month tri-city program designed to equip the new generation of entrepreneurs from family businesses with the knowledge, skills and attitude required to tackle challenges that are unique to family managed businesses.

The unique 1:3-week model ensures that the learning acquired in the classroom (1 week every month) is supplemented (with SP Jain's online self-paced adaptive learning platform) and, more importantly, applied (with practical assignments to be carried out on their respective family managed business) for 3 weeks every month.

Global FMB is offered by SP Jain School of Global Management, a leading Australian business school which has been ranked by reputed international publications such as Times Higher Education-Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Financial Times and The Economist.

A traditional master's degree is ideal for those aspiring to join the corporate sector. SP Jain’s Global FMB recognises that family businesses have unique challenges and is tailor-made to not just secure the entrepreneurial journey of the students but also enable them to achieve exponential growth in their business.

Since India is a signatory to WTO (Free Trade), Indian businesses face challenges from global players on one hand and have the opportunity to tap markets across the globe on the other. Understanding the global business environment is thus key to business success. Global intelligence is a unique outcome of the Global FMB program as participants visit and study at our state-of-the-art campuses in Dubai and Singapore.

While the type of business may vary, fundamentals of business remain constant. Besides, students are required to not just work on practical assignments within the context of their family businesses but also develop a business plan which is an integral and mandatory part of the program.

The Global FMB program is designed for future business owners. It emphasises holistic development involving all aspects of a family business so that you can effectively engage with experts in all fields and accomplish your goals.

  • The core faculty team led by Dr. Parimal Merchant (who pioneered the FMB program two decades ago) have been teaching and mentoring FMB students for more than a decade.
  • The 1:3-week model ensures that participants can continue to be involved in their own family business during the course.
  • The program is adapted to and has a dedicated component for tackling the challenges in and cashing in on the opportunities that today's digital/technological age presents e.g. ERP & CRM systems, Digital Marketing, Data Analytics
  • SP Jain is a top-ranked global school with international campuses in cities including Dubai and Singapore that students visit during the program.

For more information, see Why SP Jain’s Global FMB Program.

The curriculum is comprehensive enough to ensure holistic development of family business scions.

Four pillars of the business:

  • Business is Customer - Sales and Marketing
  • Business is Operations - Supply Chain Management
  • Business is People - Organisational Behaviour (OB), Organisation Development (OD) and Industrial Relations (IR)
  • Business is Money - Finance, Cost Management, Direct and Indirect Tax

Once the pillars are strong, how high you rise depends on:

  • Building the Business - General Management (e.g. Strategy)
  • Business Dependencies - Economics, IT, Business Law, International Business, Digitisation - ERP & CRM, Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, Cyber Security

To do the task effectively, one needs proficiency in:

  • Business Skills - Communication, Selling, Negotiation, Innovation
  • Business Leadership - Individual and Organisational, People and Task-oriented

In a family business there are further dimensions:

  • Business family interface - Understanding mutual influence and improvement processes
  • Self-knowledge - Understanding self

For more information, see Global FMB Program Curriculum.

  • Diverse interventions are used to ensure that the learning experience for the participants is holistic.
  • Faculty & Peers (in & out-of-classroom)
  • Business Simulations (in classroom)
  • Self-paced Online Adaptive Learning
  • Mentor/Business Owner & Managerial Staff in Family Business (while executing projects for applying classroom learning)
  • Global Immersion (2 contacts in international campuses)
  • Businessmen & Professionals
  • Industrial Visits (India and overseas)

The program offers participants lifetime access to SP Jain’s eminent faculty, alumni network, and the opportunity to mentor subsequent batches and participate in refresher programs.

For more information, see How We Teach Global FMB Program.

Each student ends up making lasting professional relationships with entrepreneurs across the country (as students are from all over India) and across industries (e.g. manufacturing, trading, retail, real estate, services, etc.).

For more information, see Global FMB Class Profile.


For information about the eligibility criteria, see Global FMB Admissions.

For information about the program fee, see Global FMB Fees.

To apply to the Global FMB program, click here.