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As a Global FMB student at SP Jain, you will be engaged and motivated using a wide variety of teaching tools such as our tri-city learning model that allows students to experience the business culture in not one but three global cities, and our unique program structure that provides hands-on experience. Our classes often witness a powerful fusion of technology and business education, resulting in an impactful and real-world learning experience. Here are some examples:


Understanding the rapidly changing global business environment is the key to success and our Global FMB students learn this by living and studying in Dubai, Mumbai and Singapore – each a top economic hub. Our unique tri-city learning model helps students understand the global nature of business in the most compelling way – through actual exposure to diverse cultures, political beliefs and technological innovations.

Students get the opportunity to study international business practices, network with business owners and community leaders, and use global strategies to reimagine their business. This allows them to move beyond simply acquiring knowledge to transforming into a leader with a global business perspective to tackle contemporary challenges.


At SP Jain, we offer our students two immersions – the Middle East Immersion (in Dubai) and the Far East Immersion (in Singapore) – that provide them with the global skills and exposure their business demands.

The Middle East Immersion (Dubai)

This helps students understand the potentiality of business and learn from different businesses that operate in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) as well as the Middle East and North African (MENA) territories. Many businesses have made Dubai as their base to foray into international markets. Dubai is a place of convergence of different cultures, making it one of the most popular cosmopolitan cities in the Middle East.

The Far East Immersion (Singapore)

The Far East Immersion will expose students to the rapidly evolving economies of South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Myanmar. Students learn through exposure to industry practitioners and business leaders who share essential management insights and strategies to develop family businesses.


Successful people often credit their mentors with helping them grow and succeed. SP Jain’s Global FMB students have the opportunity to learn and be mentored by faculty with a collective 100+ years of experience helping family businesses succeed. Led by Dr Parimal Merchant, our faculty have an immaculate way of connecting with students on their personal and business issues, giving them the comfort of asking questions without hesitation.

A truly unique element of the program is the mentoring by family members. Families comprise potential mentors ever present to guide you as you transform into a global business leader. In a family business, decisions are taken within a specific context and reasoning. The mentor is expected to discuss the rationale and decision-making process with the student. At the same time, the student is expected to share their learning with the mentor and get their inputs on the applicability of the same in the family business.



Technology is at the heart of the SP Jain experience – what we teach, how we teach and who teaches is largely technology-driven. Even within the Global FMB program, we have integrated many new and emerging technologies, giving students a sense of the workplace of the future. Through interactions with SP Jain’s faculty, and thought leaders and innovators, students have the opportunity to explore how technologies such as Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things are enabling new ideas and business decisions.