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Led by experts in family business management, the Global FMB program will enable you to acquire not just the knowledge, but also the requisite skills and aptitude needed to contribute effectively to your family business. The program is structured in a unique manner – you will attend classes at SP Jain for one week per month (contact), and the following three weeks at your own family business, with each contact providing applicable lessons that can be implemented successfully within the context of your business.

The program is structured in the following format:

  • Contact Week 1*: Mumbai or Delhi
  • Contact Week 2: Dubai
  • Contact Week 3 - 5: Mumbai and Delhi
  • Contact Week 6: Mumbai
  • Contact Week 7 - 10: Mumbai and Delhi
  • Contact Week 11: Singapore
  • Contact Week 12: Mumbai and Delhi

*Please note that decisions pertaining to the location of admission to the Global FMB program will be undertaken by the Admissions Committee. The content, faculty and curriculum offered at both locations will remain the same.

The Delhi batch is only for the August intake.



The program covers all aspects of management. Broadly, it focuses on helping students address challenges they face in the following areas:

  • General Management: What is and what should be my business?
  • Business Dependencies: In what conditions do I operate?
  • Business Is Customer: Who is my customer and what drives his/her buying process?
  • Business Is Operations: How do I deliver what I promise my customer?
  • Business Is Money: What resources are utilised and what is the outcome?
  • Business Is People: How do I manage people within my organisation?



  • High-tech Adaptive Learning tools
  • Highly experienced faculty (through interactions both inside and outside the classroom)
  • Father/mentor about business implications
  • Manager/business staff about implementation
  • Peers in the class about application in different contexts
  • Industrial visits and business interactions
  • Classroom and out-of-classroom activities
  • Feedback sharing
  • Global immersion



  • Creation/development of a comprehensive and executable three-year business plan
  • Understanding the role of a student within the context of the business plan
  • Creation/development of a family plan outlining challenges/opportunities in view of the family life cycle
  • Develop a global perspective
  • Learn practical methods to transform your business through management and technology