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Global MBA

The SP Jain Global Advantage


As a GMBA student, you will be engaged and motivated using a wide variety of teaching tools. Our postgraduate classes often witness a fusion of technology, innovation and global business, resulting in an impactful and real-world learning experience.


Understanding the rapidly changing global business environment is the key to success and our students learn this by living and studying in some of the world's top business capitals. The out-of-classroom and global immersion activities in these dynamic business hubs help students understand the global nature of business and the influence of culture, traditions and technological advancements on business decisions.

Students get the opportunity to study international business practices, network with business executives and community leaders, conduct real-time projects, and pursue internships and full-time career opportunities. In addition to the knowledge gained, students learn to be adaptable, multicultural and globally relevant to companies of the 21st century.

Tri-city Learning Model


Student Boardrooms (SBRs) are student teams that meet every day before every class. Using decision-making techniques that they learn in class, students are required to critically analyse their reading material and case studies and arrive at conclusions that are submitted in the form of a report. This report is a kick-off point for classroom discussion. Student teams are picked by faculty to explain their findings and decision-making process to the rest of the class. Over the duration of the program, students learn to use scientific methods, logical reasoning, and analysis to address organisational problems, and develop the critical thinking and decision-making skills that are readily applied on the job.


As businesses operate under conditions of high risk, complexity and unpredictability, it is important for leaders to understand the many intricacies of management and prepare for them in a focused manner. At SP Jain Global, computer-aided business simulations are used extensively in our state-of-the-art Simulation Centres to enable postgraduate students to practice and sharpen their real-world decision-making skills in an innovative and risk-free environment.

Specialist Immersion Courses


Our GMBA students undertake special one week-long immersion courses that dive deep into some of the latest innovations in business. These courses are mostly taught by international faculty and include topics such as digital decision-making, design thinking, strategic innovation and value creation, which help students understand how culture, technological innovation and digitisation enable new ideas and business decisions.