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SP Jain’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program allows you to major in Marketing, Finance or Entrepreneurship. Choosing the right area of specialisation is important as it helps you to fine-tune your learning and target your skills and knowledge to specific careers in business. In addition to, and subject to obtaining prior permission from the academic leadership, you may opt to complete one or more minor(s) or a double major. For more information, please refer to the Student Handbook.


The BBA specialisation in Marketing aims to prepare students for careers in marketing, providing them with hands-on experience in employing the most recent principles and practices in contemporary marketing.

Students opting for this major learn about topics like global marketing, e-commerce, services marketing, brand management and buyer behaviour, all critical for effectively and efficiently marketing products and services.



The BBA specialisation in Finance is designed to give a detailed understanding of the financial problems confronting a manager in a corporate setting. It provides you with the skills to develop financial solutions for governments, corporations and high net-worth individuals.

The major covers highly innovative and up-to-the-minute topics like financial statement analysis, financial markets and institutions, international finance, investment analysis, trading and portfolio management, and financial and risk modelling.


The BBA specialisation in Entrepreneurship aims to foster a strong entrepreneurial mindset among students. Students who opt for this major will graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to create a business and turn their creative ideas into new companies.

The major covers topics such as foundations of entrepreneurship, commercialisation strategy, fundraising, entrepreneurial finance, deal structuring and social entrepreneurship.


Please note: This curriculum is applicable from the October 2020 intake onwards