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Undergraduate FAQs




SP Jain has Career Services offices in Singapore, Dubai, Sydney and Mumbai. Our Career Services teams help students find career opportunities.

SP Jain obtains visas for students for Singapore and Dubai. Charges for processing of the Dubai and Singapore visas are covered in the fees paid by a student.

Students need to apply for Australian visas themselves (the Australian immigration authorities do not allow SP Jain to apply on behalf of students). SP Jain can provide assistance for students applying for Australian visas.


For information about how to apply, see Admissions for BBA, BBC, BEC and BDS.
For information about eligibility criteria for each program, see Admissions for BBA, BBC, BEC and BDS.


SP Jain School of Global Management is registered as a Higher Education Provider by the Australian Government’s Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) and as such can award Australian degrees to its graduates. We are also licensed by the Committee for Private Education (CPE) in Singapore and permitted by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) in the UAE.

The first year of study is the same for BBA, BEC and BBC programs. Students can transfer between the BBA, BBC and BEC when moving into their second year. It is not possible to change programs once you are in your second year.

Amid the uncertainty and challenges surrounding COVID-19, SP Jain has introduced several flexible learning options for the BBA program to accommodate the different needs of students and parents. Students can customise their learning, choose an option that’s convenient to them and pursue their undergraduate degree safely within a more reassuring environment.

Are you a Year 1 Aspirant?
Explore the flexible learning options available to you

Are you a Year 2/Year 3 Transfer Student?
Explore the flexible learning options available to you

Students of the BBC and BEC programs study on campus in Mumbai in their first year and complete their second and third years on campus in Sydney. 

Students of the BDS program can opt to:

  • Study on campus in Mumbai (Year 1) and Sydney (Years 2 and 3), or
  • Study on campus in Sydney (Years 1, 2 and 3)
SP Jain's BBA is designed like American BBA programs that are delivered over 4 years. It includes several liberal arts subjects along with core and specialised business subjects. It also includes an intensive Action Learning Project. The summers are intended for doing internships.


Student accommodation is not compulsory. Students can opt to live off-campus on their own.

For information about SP Jain's student accommodation, see Singapore campus, Dubai campus and Sydney campus.

Our Mumbai campus does not have accommodation facilities. The School will assist students in finding rental accommodation on an individual or shared basis close to the campus.

Each of our campuses has a cafeteria that provides a variety of meal options, including vegetarian food.

Please note:

  • The BDS program is not offered in Singapore or Dubai and is not approved or attested by CPE or KHDA
  • The BEC and BBC programs are not offered in Singapore and are not approved or attested by CPE