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SP Jain

Graduate Attributes

Graduate Attributes

All the SP Jain programs are designed so that our graduates display the much needed and holistic attributes, including: 

  • Knowledge of Business, Management and Emerging Technologies 
  • Research and Business Intelligence 
  • Problem-Solving and Decision Making 
  • Creativity and Innovation 
  • Intercultural Competence/Communication 
  • Teamwork 
  • Global Citizenship/Ethics (Collaborate, Negotiate and Resolve Conflicts)

BBA Program

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of SP Jain's Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), you graduate with an Australian undergraduate degree and the skills, knowledge and their application that validate the following learning outcomes:

1. Knowledge of Business and Management Have a broad body of knowledge in business management concepts, current practices in a global business environment and emerging technologies to support, sustain and innovate business. 
2. Research and Business Intelligence

i) Acquire qualitative and quantitative skills to consolidate, synthesise, and analyse business information.

ii) Apply theoretical and technical knowledge and skills to provide socially and ethically responsible evidence-based business solutions. 

3. Problem-Solving and Decision Making

Attain problem-solving, decision making and critical thinking skills to provide viable solutions for business problems.

4. Creativity and Innovation i) Explain the nature of creativity and innovations and translate insights into opportunities and action.

ii) Demonstrate how creativity and innovations are initiated, included and managed in an organisation.
5. Intercultural Competence/Communication Appreciate diversity to communicate effectively in international and cross-cultural contexts, and facilitate collaborative professional partnerships.
6. Teamwork i) Have the ability to work and collaborate as a team member and contribute to achieving team goals.

ii) Demonstrate the ability to responsibly collaborate with others to effectively disseminate learning/project/research outcomes to a variety of audiences using highly developed communication skills and work productively within a team of experts in the field.
7. Global Citizenship/Ethics (Collaborate, Negotiate and Resolve Conflicts) i) Define, explain and illustrate the foundations of business ethics, and in preparing for citizenship, both local and global.

ii) Recognise, explain and illustrate the importance of ethical conduct and resolve ethical issues in business.