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Progress within your current organisation, enhance your leadership skills, become an entrepreneur or consider a career change – wherever you’re headed, the SP Jain EMBA will help you get there. The in-depth knowledge and skills imparted through the core courses, electives, simulations and projects are designed to set you up for a lifetime of decision-making and leadership. We welcome you to explore how the SP Jain EMBA can empower your career.

Transform your learning experience with ELO

This is not like a typical online program. We utilise high-quality, state-of-the-art technology within our Engaged Learning Online (ELO) platform to offer students the academic rigour and dynamism of the on-campus EMBA experience without having to leave the comfort of their home, job or city. You could be in any part of the world – at home, work, a café or an airport – by simply logging into ELO, you gain all the benefits of an on-campus education virtually.

Not only is ELO convenient and flexible, what truly sets it apart is its emphasis on real-time engagement. You can connect with peers and faculty from different countries, collaborate on assignments, participate in polls, quizzes and breakout sessions, and more – just as you would in a conventional, face-to-face classroom. The technology is designed to help you stay active and invested while enabling you to develop the confidence to take on future leadership challenges.

Transition from being a manager to an effective leader

The program curriculum will help you build essential leadership competencies such as strategic thinking and decision-making which, in turn, help you cope with the ambiguity and complexity that managers face in their jobs today. The program also focuses on emotional and social intelligence, effective communication, and empathy – crucial skills for the leaders of tomorrow.

A program structure that fits you

The SP Jain EMBA has been designed to fit into the hectic schedules and critical responsibilities of senior executives. It does not require you to leave your job or take time off from work. The modular format of the program, as well as the flexibility to study online, ensures you can maintain a work-life balance along with your study schedule. The remarkable thing about this format is that it also enables you to study through job transfers, relocation and other important personal and professional changes. With ELO, you can take your classroom with you and learn on the go.


An EMBA that helps you make a strong and immediate impact

The program is demanding; however, the curriculum is designed to complement your business knowledge and enable you to apply what you learn in class immediately, the very next day at work. The tailored curriculum provides a holistic view of current and future global business environments, while the Applied Strategic Project and Global Strategy Immersion Project seamlessly integrate management theory into practical application, allowing you to sharpen your decision-making skills in the most effective way.

The program is built around a diverse mix of students

As an EMBA student, you will be exposed to a powerful group of senior executives, entrepreneurs and high-calibre business professionals (with an average of 10+ years of work experience) who will challenge, motivate and inspire you. The diversity of skills, business backgrounds and experiences creates a learning environment that broadens your perspective and provides you with fresh, innovative ways of looking at business challenges.


The program exposes you to a world-class global faculty

The members of the faculty of the EMBA program at SP Jain are chosen for their business expertise and ability to engage students who themselves have considerable real-world knowledge and business experience. They have been educated at some of the world’s most reputable institutions (Harvard, Cornell, INSEAD, Cambridge and Oxford, to name a few) and are among the best in their fields.

The EMBA enables you to take charge of your career

The SP Jain EMBA’s Executive Career Acceleration Pathway (ECAP) is a unique component of the EMBA, designed to support you throughout your professional journey. Through the ECAP, we offer a wide range of services from individual career coaching and training sessions to corporate interface sessions, skill development workshops, networking events and webinars.


A professional network for life

Our students often agree that one of the best things about undertaking an EMBA at SP Jain is the network they build. With several opportunities to mix with fellow students, 8,500+ SP Jain alumni across 35 countries, world-leading faculty and senior business leaders, your time here is an unrivalled opportunity to make long-lasting connections that will benefit you both professionally and personally.

You have the help of a strong support system

Each batch has a dedicated Program Coordinator and support staff who are available to help take care of any issues you have and provide support and guidance as you make your way through the program.


Graduate with an Australian degree from a leading B-school

SP Jain is registered as an Institute of Higher Education by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) in Australia. Upon graduation, you will be awarded a degree by SP Jain School of Global Management, Australia.

With campuses in Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney, we relentlessly strive to reimagine business education and offer innovative courses in these dynamic and world-class cities. Our efforts have been recognised by highly regarded global rankings that include:


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