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Executive MBA



As an EMBA student at SP Jain Global, you will be engaged and motivated using a wide variety of teaching tools. Our classes often witness a fusion of technology, innovation and global business, resulting in an impactful and real-world learning experience. Here are some examples:




Our EMBA program has been designed exclusively for busy working professionals and is offered in two interchangeable formats – on-campus and virtual. You can choose any format that is convenient to you and swap as per your needs to help you continue your learning without any disruption to your work schedule or family life. You also have the flexibility to create your time-table to ensure you never miss an important professional or personal commitment.

Blended Learning


Weekend classes are held in our state-of-the-art campus in Mumbai and carry you away from your day-to-day work routine into an exciting and stimulating learning environment, designed to transform you into global business leaders. You will have access to world-class faculty and thought leaders, like-minded peers and inspiring guest speakers who will enhance and magnify the impact of everything you learn.


Our new Engaged Learning Online (ELO) technology brings you an immersive classroom-like experience virtually. You could be in any part of the world – at home, work, a café or even on the move – by simply logging in, you get all the benefits of an on-campus education. You will participate in different activities like polls, quizzes, breakout sessions, discussions with peers, faculty and industry experts from different countries, conduct projects, collaborate on assignments and more – all designed to help you stay active and invested while also helping you develop the confidence to take on future leadership challenges.



Effective problem-solving and decision-making are some of the major challenges faced by workplaces across the globe. With the Problems At Work (PAW) feature of the EMBA program, students are challenged to frame and articulate the problems they face in their work environments, debate and discuss them with peers in groups, identify and evaluate alternatives, and arrive at a viable solution. The key objective of this exercise is to hone one’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills, hence enhancing the applicability and relevance of the curriculum.


At SP Jain Global, computer-aided business simulations are used extensively in our state of-the-art Simulation Centres to enable students to practice and sharpen their real-world decision-making skills in an innovative and risk-free environment.

Examples of Simulations our students undertake:

  • Blackstone/Celanese Finance Simulation (based on the acquisition of Celanese AG by the Blackstone Group)
  • Global Business Game Simulation (students take over an established company and discover how to take advantage of new business opportunities and increase wealth for themselves and the company’s shareholders)
  • Littlefield Technologies Simulation (a web-based discrete event simulator that challenges students to plan, implement and fine-tune business decisions in a simple but realistic goal-based environment)


The Global Immersion Project (GIP) aims to prepare EMBA students to plan, organise and collect data to analyse a global company in both a logical and fact-based way as well as in a creative and solutions-focused manner. Students analyse a global company within the strategic context of a country entry strategy. This includes recommending and justifying strategies for the company going forward in the short, medium and long term, and putting these recommendations into performance metrics (Balanced Scorecard).

Examples of GIPs our students undertake:

  • Canadian Solar entering Nigeria
  • Costco entering Brazil
  • Disneyland Parks entering India
  • Tesla entering Turkey


The Applied Business Research (ABR) is directed towards creating a greater understanding of the real-world corporate environment. The idea is to provide an opportunity to apply concepts in a practical context, thus influencing management practices through an investigation of an important business issue facing the organisation. The students’ endeavour is to create ‘Consultant-class’ reports to provide actionable strategic directions for an organisation.

Examples of ABRs our students undertake:

  • Blockchain in the Finance Industry - The Journey of KYC and its implications in the Private Banking Industry
  • An Empirical Study to increase the awareness and usage of Social Media and Digital Marketing for Zoom Stores
  • Jindal Poly Films’ acquisition of ExxonMobil’s BOPP Films Division
  • Predictive Model of Credit Card Default using Data Mining Techniques