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Total Compulsory Tuition Fees AUD 70,900
Total Compulsory Non-Tuition Fees AUD 4,000
Total Compulsory Fees AUD 74,900

Students may pay the fees as per the instalment plan below:
Phase Timeline   Amount (in AUD)
Registration Fee As per the date given in the offer letter   4,000
Coursework Fee
May 7, 2023   3,900
July 7, 2023   3,900
September 7, 2023   3,900
November 7, 2023   3,900
Research Fee
January 7, 2024   5,800
April 7, 2024   5,800
July 7, 2024   5,800
October 7, 2024   5,800
January 7, 2025   5,800
April 7, 2025   5,800
July 7, 2025   5,800
October 7, 2025   5,800
January 7, 2026   5,800
Viva Fee April 7, 2026   3,100
Total Compulsory Fees     74,900

Please Note: The Doctor of Business Administration is a 3-year program. Although you may complete this within 5 years, any delay in completing the program beyond the 3-year stipulated period draws an additional fee of USD 1,400 for every 6 months beyond the 3-year period.


Rebate on Lumpsum Fee Payment
A rebate on lumpsum fee payment will be offered on the Coursework and Research Fee as follows:
Rebate offered on lumpsum fee payment for all three years 12%
Rebate offered on lumpsum fee payment for only two years 8%
Rebate offered on lumpsum fee payment for only one year 4%



  • Books and course study materials are to be purchased by students directly at their own cost.
  • Non-payment of fees may lead to cancellation of Admission.
  • All airfares would be borne separately by students.
  • It is normal to spend AUD 600 per month in Sydney towards food and other living costs. (These are indicative costs and are subject to an individual's lifestyle)
  • Fees are subject to change at the discretion of the School.
  • The Australian visa needs to be processed by the students. Students need to ensure that they fulfill all criteria for securing the visa.

Financial Obligations related to Australian Visa:

International students are personally responsible for paying the necessary fees and obtaining the Student Visa required to enter Australia. Students are required to demonstrate sufficient financial resources to cover their expenses towards tuition fees, living, travel and/or any other personal expenses. We recommend that students familiarise themselves of the visa requirements to ensure their eligibility for issuance of a student visa. Click here for full details on student visas for Australia.


Students who do not satisfactorily complete a subject may be asked to take retests. The exact fees for retests, etc. are set out in the Student Handbook and listed below:

Sr. No. Components Charges (in AUD)
1. Re-evaluations (per unit) 30
2. Re-test (per unit) 300
3. Duplicate Degree 100
4. Duplicate Graduation Statement 30
5. Duplicate Record of Result 30
6. Postal Charges (per package) within India* 20
7. Postal Charges (per package) outside India* 30

*Minimum charges


Refund Policy

SP Jain, in its endeavour to encourage meritorious students to excel further in their academic and career paths, is inclined (without any commitment) to offer scholarships to selective candidates joining its Doctor of Business Administration program.

There are various levels of scholarships granted. Scholarships are awarded based on the candidate’s academic performance, work experience expertise, position at the workplace, diversity and interview performance.

Scholarship decisions take place through a comprehensive, holistic review process.

Students who earn scholarships need to meet the Code of Conduct requirements. Details will be shared in the offer letter.


  • Scholarships are not granted for living costs, transportation, insurance, visa costs, registration, books, activities or other fees
  • All decisions by Admissions will be final

SP Jain degrees are approved for FEE-HELP (Higher Education Loan Program). Eligible Australian citizens can apply for FEE-HELP to study SP Jain’s DBA program.

The FEE-HELP is a loan from the Australian Government for eligible higher education students to pay tuition fees. You cannot use it for accommodation, laptops, or textbooks. If eligible, FEE-HELP can cover all or part of your tuition fees up to a maximum amount, which is the FEE-HELP loan limit. The amount you repay each year is a percentage of your income.

Please visit the Australian Government’s Study Assist website for more details on eligibility, loan limit, repayment and how to apply for FEE-HELP.

You can get in touch with us for more information. Our team will assist you with any questions you may have.


For more information, please refer to the Student Handbook:

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