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We welcome you to explore how studying the Master of AI in Business program at our Sydney campus can prepare you to unlock an exciting future in AI.

We welcome you to explore how studying the Master of Artificial Intelligence in Business program at our Sydney campus can prepare you to unlock an exciting future in AI.

There is a huge demand for AI specialists in Australia

Choosing to study AI in Australia could be one of the best decisions you make to kick-start your career. The adoption of AI technologies is growing rapidly across various industries in Australia. Companies are looking to hire trained AI professionals who can use their technological and management knowledge to drive business transformation.

Take a look at some industry trends that highlight this rising demand:

  • The Australian Government is investing AUD 124.1 million through its Artificial Intelligence Action Plan to establish Australia as a global leader in AI.
  • CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, estimates that the Australian industry needs up to 161,000 new AI specialists by 2030 in machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing and other AI technologies.
  • CSIRO also estimates that digital technologies, including AI, could be potentially worth AUD 315 billion to the Australian economy by 2028.
  • Machine learning specialist is the 2nd fastest-growing job role in Australia in The 2022 LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise list.

This presents excellent employment opportunities for skilled AI graduates in Australia.


Your gateway to a rewarding career in AI

The best jobs of the future will be in applying AI to solve practical business problems, and this is precisely what our program will teach you. As a graduate of the Master of Artificial Intelligence in Business program, you will be well-positioned to explore career opportunities in several industries, including retail, manufacturing, finance, and healthcare. You will be qualified for roles such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence Specialist
  • Artificial Intelligence Consultant
  • Artificial Intelligence Transformation Manager
  • Machine Learning Executive
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Financial Analytics Executive
  • Entrepreneur

The average base salary for a professional with AI skills in Australia is AUD 112,000/year.
(As of June 23, 2022)

Learn to apply AI technologies in business applications

SP Jain's Master of Artificial Intelligence in Business program offers you a complete introduction to AI technologies and to all business functions such as marketing, accounting, operations and finance, as well as extensive academic and practical training in applying AI in different business settings.

After graduating from the program, you will be equipped to work on cutting-edge AI projects such as:

  • Creating recommender systems for e-commerce companies
  • Using AI to create and manage advertising campaigns
  • Designing and deploying smart logistics systems
  • AI-based financial portfolio management



Get hands-on training from internationally renowned faculty

Faculty members are at the heart of any academic program. They create the conditions that bring out the best in students. Our community of multinational faculty are dedicated to creating an engaging, rigorous and practical educational experience for students. They are recognised scholars and experts who bring a wealth of research, teaching and industry experience to the classroom..

Meet the Program Faculty


Australia offers brilliant opportunities for international students to work part-time on a student visa (The current national minimum wage in Australia is AUD 23.23 per hour as of July 2023). Working part-time is a great way for students to build new skills, gain meaningful work experience and improve their chances of finding full-time job opportunities.

Students can work part-time up to 48 hours per fortnight while their course is in session. If you have dependent family members included on your student visa, they are also eligible to work.

For the latest updates on working part-time in Australia, please click here.


Apply for a post-study work visa (of up to 3 years) in Australia

Upon graduation, you may be able to continue to live and work in Australia temporarily by applying for a post-study work visa of up to 3 years per the current immigration guidelines. However, this is not a guaranteed outcome of the program. Please check the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs website regularly for the latest information on eligibility and other criteria.

Enjoy a high-quality of life in Australia

Australia is considered one of the top destinations to live, study and settle abroad. International students choose Australia not only for the world-class education and work opportunities but also for its easy-going lifestyle, incredible landscapes and wildlife, vibrant cities, diverse cultures, welcoming environment and more.

Here’s a look at some reports that indicate Australia’s high-quality of life:

  • OECD Better Life Index: Australia performs well in many dimensions of well-being relative to other countries. Australia outperforms the average in income, jobs, education, health, environmental quality, social connections, civic engagement and life satisfaction.
  • Numbeo’s Quality of Life Index 2022: Australia has the fifth-highest quality of life globally. This ranking places Australia above Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and US in the top 15.

(As of December 2022)

Enjoy a high-quality of life in Australia

An unforgettable student experience in Sydney

Sydney is one of the world’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities and is considered Australia’s financial and business capital. Sydney has also been named the 4th safest city in the world in  The Economist's Safe Cities Index 2021.

You can visit iconic landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, explore the scenic Blue Mountains, take a walk on the stunning Bondi Beach or discover Australia’s wildlife at Taronga Zoo – living in Sydney offers you easy access to many such experiences and more!

Our campus, located in Lidcombe near Sydney Olympic Park, combines collaborative learning spaces and state-of-the-art technologies to offer you a dynamic experience.

Explore our Sydney campus

Earn an Australian degree accredited by TEQSA

SP Jain is registered as an Institute of Higher Education by the Australian Government's national higher education regulator – Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA). Upon graduation, students will be awarded the Master of Artificial Intelligence in Business degree by SP Jain School of Global Management, Australia.