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Edward Kachab

Edward Kachab

Adjunct Faculty


  • PhD, University of Melbourne, Australia (2013)
  • Bachelor of Science with Honors, La Trobe University, Australia (1986)
  • Foundation of Entrepreneurship (Bachelors)
  • Corporate Governance and Enterprise Risk Management (Executive MBA)
  • Organisational Behaviour and Dynamics (Executive MBA)
  • Organisational Behaviour (Bachelors)
  • Leadership (Bachelors)
  • Dynamic Strategy and Disruptive Innovation (MBA)
  • Capstone (MBA)
  • Digital Marketing (MBA)
  • Small Business Administration (MBA)
  • Consumer Behavior (Bachelors)
  • Effective Business Communication (Masters of Management for Engineers)
  • Think Big (Masters of Management for Engineers)
  • Innovation and Sustainable Business Development (Masters of Management for Engineers)
  • Service Industry Marketing (Masters of Management for Engineers)
  • The Science of Consumer Behaviour (Masters of Management for Engineers)

Academic experience

  • Sessional Lecturer, SP Jain School of Global Management (2016-Present)
  • MBA Facilitator, Kaplan Business School (2017-Present)
  • Associate Lecturer, Executive MBA Program, Australian Catholic University (2017-Present)
  • Sessional Lecturer, Masters of Management for Engineers, Central Queensland University (2017-Present)
  • Conjoint Senior Lecturer, The University of Queensland (2005-2007)

Corporate Experience

  • Founder, DrEdwardKachab.com.au (2013-Present)
  • Co-Founder, Chemical Free Kids National Awareness Program (2008-2011)
  • Manager Advanced Technologies Division, PanBio Ltd (2004-2007)
  • Project Leader, New Technologies, PanBio Ltd (1998-2003)

Research Interests

  • Use of meditative techniques for developing insights for creativity and problem solving in a business context


  • Edward Hanna Kachab, Ross Barnard, Rachel Del Las Heras, Ronald George Duggleby, Scott Robert Fry, Stuart L. Hazel, Chang-Yi Huang, Jun Li, Jennifer L. Martin, and Jennifer Ann McCourt. Homogeneous in vitro FEC assays and components. PANBIO Limited: PCT/AU2007/000508 (2007)
  • Robert Alexander Irving, Edward Hanna Kachab, Graeme Ross Barnett, and Peter John Hudson. Method for detecting an analyte. PANBIO Limited and CSIRO applicants: USA provisional application 60/406,973 (2002)
  • Edward Hanna Kachab, Graeme Ross Barnett and Martin Smith. Linear nucleic acid sequences comprising repeats and lacking secondary structure. PANBIO LIMITED applicant: PCT/AU02/00450 (2002)
  • Edward Hanna Kachab, Graeme Ross Barnett and Martin Smith. Metal chelating filters and metal chelate filters. PANBIO Limited and Whatman International Limited Applicants: WO 00/70012 (2000)
  • Edward Hanna Kachab and Graeme Ross Barnett. Homogeneous in vitro diagnostic assays. PanBio Pty Ltd applicant: Provisional – PQ2249 (2000)

Awards & Recognition

  • AusIndustry Commercial Ready Grant No: COM03522. Amount USD 3.54 million (2005)
  • AusIndustry Award for Business Excellence and Innovation (2004)
  • AusIndustry R&D START Grant No: GRA00572. Amount USD 130,579 (2003)