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Professor, Director, i2e – The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center and Head, Global MBA – Consulting Management

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  • Doctorate in Business Administration, Harvard Business School, USA (1996)
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA), ICPA (1988)
  • Certified Management Accountant (CMA), ICMA (1989)
  • Bachelor of Science (Accounting), University of Missouri – Columbia, USA (1986)
  • Design Thinking – Immersion
  • Global MBA – Consulting Management Industry-Research Mentorship:

    • Radical Innovation & Disruption
    • Design Thinking (projects include Employee Experience & Sustainability Management)
    • Digital Transformation & Robotic Process Automation
    • Knowledge Management & “Sensemaking”
    • Emotional Intelligence, Employee Engagement & Control
    • Legacy-System Decisions
    • Risk Management
    • Financial Services (projects include Consumer Psychology & Pricing Decisions and Operational Excellence)
    • Oil & Gas Fracking Technology
  • Doctor of Business Administration Mentorship:

    • Fusion: Lateral Innovation in Organisations
    • Design Thinking in Education
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Design Thinking in Online Services

Academic experience

  • Taught at INSEAD, Harvard, Asian Institute of Management, National University of Singapore and for MNCs, both privately and with Singapore Management University

Consulting Experience

  • Co-Principal of MMA Consulting & MMA Family Office
  • Serial Entrepreneur, multi-industry across three continents
  • Executive Director, Chair, and Co-Founder of The Tiger Center, a groundbreaking social enterprise in central India
  • Director & Strategist – Scient (now part of Razorfish)
  • Accenture IT practice (Washington, DC) & Strategy Practice (Singapore/Asia)
  • High-Impact Innovation - deGruyter multi-media book (in process)

    Fusion multimedia series (medium.com, YouTube, SoundCloud) – 565,000 social media impressions, 78,000 video views, 54,000+ article views and clicks

    We are in the early days of a renaissance of innovation, fueled by IT, communications, and globalisation. As we've seen in past eras of creative productivity, fertile ground for high-value innovation lies in the spaces between domains of industry, country, fields, functions, social class, and more. To explore these areas and create ground-breaking advances, we need to know how to create across domains and combine disparate ideas in unique ways that create value.

    This research investigates a phenomenon we call Fusion. In science, the fusion of two nuclei into a new, combined nucleus releases a massive amount of energy (nuclear fusion). Likewise, a Fusion in business, technology, and the arts can release a massive amount of value and create whole new fields, industries, and capabilities. The conditions and processes of this Fusion is what we’re studying, along with the value (the energy) released into the world.

    Thirty “Fusioneers” are being profiled and their common threads and themes are being uncovered. They include a nun, a billionaire, an inventor, an artist, a scientist, an entrepreneur, and more -- men, women, young, old, from a variety of countries in a variety of fields. They come from companies like Nokia, 3M, Nike, and create their own.

    One created the ringtone (along with the first deal between the music and mobile phone industries). One created an advanced-material cancer-med device using a design from the pocket watch. One recognised a pattern in people from quantum chemistry, began modelling social systems (useful for big data, eCommerce, etc.), and created what CIO Magazine called one of the 100 most innovative firms in the world. Another expanded her 800-student school with new social and educational programs that reached 450,000 of the world’s poorest and school-less.

    By understanding how and why they combine ideas in unusual ways to create new value, perhaps more people will do the same, especially in this age of global connectivity, crowdsourcing, outsourcing, and start-up ecosystems. Individuals can make a difference like never before. Understanding Fusion may also form the basis of new team processes and company systems. Perhaps teams and organisations will create new value like never before.

    For now, stay tuned for new insights into innovation, and get ready to create.
  • Fusion: World-Class Innovation by Creating the Unexpected (book in process)
  • "Fusion - Cross Domain Research on Cross Domain Innovation" Proceedings of the 2nd UUM Qualitative Research Conference (QRC), 2016
  • "Fusion: How World-Class Innovators Create the Unexpected" Harvard Business Review (proposal)
  • "What Do Harvard, Calcutta Slums, Fundamentalists, and Mouse Designers Have in Common? Reaching Out to Educate the World" Harvard Education Review (submitted)
  • "Chaos, Fusion, & Design Thinking" Career360
  • "When Robots Take My Job" Career360
  • Why My Blonde Son Thought He Was Chinese: The Fusion Family, TEDx, 2015
  • A Week in Kanha: Tigers & Others in India, The Tiger Center, 2009
  • Tigers in the Living Forest: Wildlife of Kanha, India, The Tiger Center, 2009
  • Sharks in the Living Seas: Wildlife of Our World's Oceans, The Tiger Center, 2009
  • "Building Competitive Advantage in the Knowledge eConomy", Knowledge Management and Business Model Innovation. Yogesh Malhotra (ed). Hershey, PA: Idea Group Publishing, 2001.
  • White paper: Mapping & Mining Your Core Competence: The Knowledge Matrix. Andersen Consulting, 1999.
  • White paper: Putting Strategy into Risk Management. Andersen Consulting, 1999.
  • For discussion series: Managing Risk Strategically: The Case for a Chief Risk Officer. Andersen Consulting, 1999.
  • Corporate Risk Management: A Strategic and Operational Approach. Asian Institute of Management, JBF Banking Centre Working Paper Series, 1999.
  • "Managing Successful International Business Relationships." The Asian Manager, January 1999.
  • "Managing eTeams." The Asian Manager, January 1998.
  • Report: GlobeWork: Managing in the New "Wired" World. Praxis R&C, 1997.
  • "Global Collaboration: A Proposed Framework for Forging Cooperative Relationships." The Organizational Dimensions of Global Change. Academy of Management, 1995.


Board Memberships:

  • Social Capital Institute
  • SP Jain Academic Board
  • iCube Consortium
  • Center of Excellence for Happiness
  • Albatross Foundation
  • Create2Donate

Media Appearances & Coverage

  • Speaker at international platforms such as CNBC, Bloomberg, TEDx, YPO/WPO, Channel News Asia, MIT Technology Review, INK, TiE, corporate events and conferences. Topics include lateral-innovation research (Fusion), design thinking, disruption, eBusiness, globalization and more.