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SPJ Almaconnect is a robust community building software which not only serves the community’s needs but also adds great value to your network. It gives a vital mission to your cause by collaborating with people across the globe through its various unique features. As a unified communication and collaboration platform, SPJ Almaconnect creates a thriving ecosystem of engagement and benefaction necessary to building a vibrant community. It brings together the most useful features of collaboration software and social networks into a system that empowers groups to easily communicate, share and network.
How is it different from Facebook or other Social Networks?

SPJ Almaconnect is a social collaboration platform, uncluttered with the needless distractions often found in Social Networks and are group-centric. It has been designed specifically to empower groups of all types and sizes to come together, share, socialise and make an effective community.

SPJ Almaconnect is not a destination or social network like Facebook or LinkedIn. It’s not a software that you buy and need your IT staff to maintain, like SharePoint, and neither is it a listserv where emails sent back and forth live in your inbox like Yahoo! Groups.

What are the benefits of using SPJ AlmaConnect App?

The benefit of an online forum is that it provides a platform for peers to connect, interact and build relationships with one another, as well as share information—be it in terms of career options or simple knowledge sharing, event updates or giving back to the organisation in myriad ways.

SPJ Almaonnect App provides members with a rich set of functionality to facilitate dialogue and exchange of ideas including:

  1. Discussion Forums: Making the site a hub for information and discussion gives you a reason to return again and again. It's also a highly effective way of improving service to customers or users of the website. The discussion groups featured in the portal keep up to the forefront of new Internet innovations, while always keeping an eye on security and performance. In addition, features like Private Messaging system, Sort by Topics, Reporting Offensive Posts, and Marking Spam also help make the forum a great place to interact and share ideas.

  2. Rich Media Sharing: Multi-dimensional content allows members to use and post video, images, and audio to fully illustrate and share concepts across the community.

  3. Customer Profiles: Individually customisable profiles, creating a community identity that organises activity, participation, and connections.

Besides, there are a host of features like:

  1. Member Search: An Advanced Search to find the members of the portal.

  2. Nearby Members: A search option where you can find other alumni on the map based on the Business and Home address mentioned in their profile.

  3. Event Updates: The portal will always be updated with all the events being conducted across all campuses of SP Jain. It will keep you informed about the events which you can attend in the future, while also giving you details of the events which you couldn’t attend due to various reasons.

How is the data security, privacy and confidentiality ensured?

Saviance Technologies hosts the product on world-class US servers. Data security is guaranteed. We also sign a separate master level agreement, which ensures that your data would not be utilised without your prior consent.

Is the data backed up to prevent data loss in emergency situations?

Yes, Saviance Technologies backs up data on a regular basis.

Is training required to get acquainted with the various portal features?

SPJ AlmaConnect is designed to be easy to learn and can be used immediately. The service is built to be extremely intuitive and user-friendly. At the same time, our team of experts is always available for the training and to respond to any sort of queries/issues from your end.

About SPJ AlmaConnect Mobile App

The SPJ AlmaConnect App is a robust community platform that helps you build and maintain a thriving global SPJ Alumni community. It is your gateway to collaborate with people across the world through its various unique features.

SPJ AlmaConnect App bolsters professionals across industry segments and verticals and aims to support you in maintaining your professional reputation, online. The app encourages you to contribute relevant and informative content regarding your domain experience and industry expertise on this platform which would reinforce you to gain professional recognition and respect for your expertise.

It is also a great platform for all the S P Jain entrepreneurs who are on the lookout for great resources to help them grow, but don’t always have time to research, read, and sort the wheat from the chaff. The SPJ AlmaConnect App will enable collaboration amongst its members at a much more professional level.

This platform allows you to work and exchange business details with peers and also offer several business prospects, thus enabling you to expand your business & professional network and even initiate new business ventures.