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M. Ishaq Bhatti

Adjunct Faculty

LinkedIn Profile


  • PhD in Financial Econometric Modeling, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (1993)
  • MSc in Statistics and Applied Probability, The University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada (1987)
  • BSc in Economics, Mathematics and Statistics, B.Z. University, Multan, Pakistan (1981)
  • Economics & Finance
Subject Taught / Student Project Mentor
  • Business Data Analytics
  • Financial Statistics
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Investment
  • Financial Econometrics
  • Available for supervision for PhD and DBA students

Academic experience

  • Working as an Academic – Teacher and researcher in Australian and overseas Universities since 1983.
  • Held Professorial Positions at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman and King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia.
  • He has taught more than 20,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students in his academic career since 1985, specialising in large classes in multi-campus settings via flip blended teaching/learning mode. His contribution to teaching excellence has been recognised with several teaching awards at the School, Faculty, University and National levels - including the ALTC award 2010 and the PVC teaching award 2019. His teaching specialisation includes: (i) friendly culture-valued teaching with interesting data analytics examples and classroom experiments to make the understanding of Business and Financial data analytics a fun and interesting. (ii) His Skeleton-layout interactive teaching method explains complex data analytics and statistical concepts easily. His courses taught include: (i) Basic Statistics and Data Analytics, (ii) Statistics for Business and Finance, (iii) Econometrics, (iv) Quantitative Methods for Business (v) Islamic Finance, Islamic capital markets and Investment. In 2021 he taught (i) Introduction to Quantitative Analysis - (ECO1IQN) and (ii) ECONOMETRICS OF FINANCIAL MARKETS - (FIN5EME).


  • Islamic Finance Training experience with the Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Turkish Central Bank, Iraqi Central Bankers
  • Australian Research Council Discovery Grant jointly with Suren Basov
  • Saudi capital Market project 2017- Islamic Mutual Fund with Naseem Al Rahahleh of King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia


  • Member Elect - International Statistics Institute, The Netherlands, Statistics, The Netherlands21 Oct 1994 - present
  • Member of Australian Economic Society, Econometrics society
  • Life member of the Islamic Economist Association since 1984
  • International Statistical Institute (ISI), elected since 1996
  • Australasian Econometrics Society, Australia, 1993
  • Institute of Statisticians, UK, and hold MIS status since 1986
  • Statistical Society of Australia, 1991



  • Quantitative Finance, Copula and EVT application
  • Financial Data Analytics using Financial Econometrics tools
  • Islamic Finance

Publications Summary

Research Activities Publications since joining LTU Under review/process
Journal Articles 112 (2 A*, 36 A, 31 B, 26 C, 17 others 5
Books 8 2
Edited Books 27 2
Book Chapters/report 14 1
Book reviews 2 1
Conferences 6 1 Riyadh 7 May, 2022
Special issue editor in IBF area 6 issues 2 -Sustainability (with Sabri) & Int J of financial Stability (with I. Hunjra)
Special issue editor QF & Statistics area 3 issues (Applied Stat Science, JSTA, Econometrics with J. Kim)  
Journal Articles submitted 1A*, 3 A, 3 B, 2 C  





  • Bhatti, M. I., & Qadri, H. M. (Eds.) (2019). The Growth of Islamic Finance and Banking: Innovation, Governance and Risk Mitigation. UK: Routledge. Book
  • Izhar, T. A. T., Torabi, S. A. T., & Bhatti, M. I. I. (2018). Big data and ontology application: concepts, analytics and theoretical extension. Kuala Lumpar: University of Malaya Press. Retrieved from
    http://www.umpress.com.my/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=739 Book
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  • Bodla, M. A., & Bhatti, M. I. (2013). Non-nested regression models. Nova Science, NY, USA
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  • Bhatti, M. I. (2018- S1). Edited Business Analytics textbook based on contents of BUS1BAN La Trobe 3rd edition customized reinvent of CP1079 to cater the need of our subject and students. The material was based on Business Statistics: Australia New Zealand, 6th Edition, E.A. Selvanathan; S. Selvanathan; G. Keller, ISBN: 9780170237000, © 2014 and published by Cengage Australia: www.Cengage.com. The new version ISBN is: 9780170381444
  • Bhatti, M. I. (2006). La Trobe Customized Book of ECO2IQA – Introduction to Mathematical Economics and Finance based on Mik Wisniewski- 2006, North Ryde, NSW: McGraw-Hill Australia for La Trobe University, 2nd Ed., 2006. Refer details: Bookmark: https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/46787681



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  • Bhatti, M. I., & Khawaja, M. (2019). On the role of ownership and governance structure in raising capital: A sukuk example. In H. M. Qadri, & M. I. Bhatti (Eds.), The Growth of Islamic Finance and Banking: Innovation, Governance and Risk Mitigation (1 ed., pp. 16-28). UK: Routledge. Chapter
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  • Mansor, F., & Bhatti, M. I. (2011). The Islamic mutual fund performance: New evidence on market timing and stock selectivity. In Z. Ming (Ed.), Economics and finance research, 4, 487-494, Singapore, SINGAPORE: Int Assoc Computer Science & Information technology press-iacsit press. Retrieved from http://gateway.webofknowledge.com/ Chapter
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  • Gill, A., & Ishaq Bhatti, M. (2010). Supply chain management. In Handbook on Business Information Systems (pp. 675-698). doi:10.1142/9789812836069_0028 Chapter
  • Bhatti, M. I. (2003). On cluster effects in mining complex econometric data. In Statistical Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (pp. 385-399). Chapter



  • Editor-in-Chief: Journal of Statistical Theory and Application – Springer-Nature publishers, NY, USA
  • Review of Economics and Finance
  • Associate Editor: European Journal of Finance
  • International Journal of Financial Markets Institution and Money
  • Journal of Risk and Financial Management
  • Energies
  • Applied Statistical Sciences, Nova, USA