Visiting Faculty
(Part Time)

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • High-Tech Marketing
  • Sustainability Marketing
  • Sports Marketing
  • Marketing Portfolios of Offerings


  • University of Rhode Island (PhD in Marketing - 2001)
  • University of Memphis (MS in Sport Management - 1997)
  • University of Cologne/ Université de Montpellier (MA in Sport & Business - 1995)


  • Visiting Faculty, S P Jain School of Global Management - Dubai, Singapore, Sydney (Current) 
  • Associate Professor of Marketing, Schulich School of Business, Toronto, Canada (2002-2007)
  • Visiting Professor, American University, Washington, DC (2001-2002)



  • Digital Marketing Strategy 
  • High-tech Marketing
  • Sustainable Management Practices
  • Leadership Skills
  • Digital Marketing Strategy 
  • High-tech Marketing
  • Sport and Tourism Marketing 
  • Web 2.0 Communication Strategy 
  • e-Commerce
  • Interactive Marketing
  • Marketing Portfolios of Offerings



  • Vattenfall
  • Toronto FC
  • BMW, UK 
  • Social media and digital marketing startups

Research & publications

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Conference papers presented


  • Y Ozalp & D Zwick: “Market and Public Sphere” Association of Consumer Research 25th North American Conference, Memphis, TN(October 2007)
  • N Dholakia, H Leonard & D Zwick: “Constructing and Concealing Locality” First Annual Consumer Culture Theory Conference, University of Notre Dame(August 2006)
  • D Zwick & J Nyman: "Consumer Representation in the Age of Database Marketing" Association for Consumer Research North American ConferenceSan Antonio, TX, USA(September-October 2005)
  • D Zwick & N Dholakia: “Online Investing: Derealization and the Experience of Risk” Association for Consumer Research North American ConferenceToronto, Canada(October 2003)
  • D Zwick & N Dholakia: “Mobile Technologies and Boundaryless Spaces: Slavish Lifestyles, Seductive Meanderings, or Creative Empowerment?” Home-Oriented Informatics and Telematics (HOIT), Irvine, CA (April 2003)
  • D Zwick & N Dholakia: “The Need for Experience and Emotions: Investment Communities in the Age of Abstract Capitalism” Digital Communities 2003 - Organizing in a Networked World, Stockholm, Sweden,(June 2003)


Chapters in books


  • D Zwick, J Schroeder & J Denegri-Knott: “Unintended Politics of Investing: The Social Pedagogy of Wall Street” Voters or Consumers: Imagining the contemporary electorateCambridgeScholars Publishing, Newcastle, UK pp 12-34(2008)
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  • N Dholakia & D Zwick: “Privacy Concerns in Electronic Markets: A Framework” Global E-Commerce and Online Marketing: Watching the Evolution, Quorum Books, Greenwich, CT pp 223-229(2002)




  • Editorial Board-Journal: Culture, Markets, and Consumption 
  • Ad Hoc Reviewer for the Journal of Consumer Culture
  • Ad Hoc Reviewer for the Journal of Consumer Research 
  • Ad Hoc Reviewer for Anthropological Quarterly
  • Ad Hoc Reviewer for the Journal of International Business Studies 
  • Ad Hoc Reviewer for the Electronic Markets 
  • Ad Hoc Reviewer for the Journal of Macromarketing

Conferences & workshops


  • Board Member of the International Society for Marketing and Development(ISMD) 

Awards & recognition


  • SSHRC Workshop Grant (2009) 
  • SSHRC Small Grant: Project Title “Database Marketing: Making up customers” (2004) 
  • Junior Faculty Fund (2004) 
  • Winner of the Marketing Science Institute Alden G Clayton Award for Doctoral Dissertation Proposals (2000) 
  • University of Rhode Island Dissertation Fellowship Award for Most Outstanding Proposal (2001)
  • University of Aalborg, Denmark, Researcher in Residence with the Computer Science Department (2000)
  • AMA-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium Fellow for the University of Rhode Island (2000)

Media Appearances & Coverage


  • “New Consumer” The Financial Post, Smart Shift(September 2010)
  • “New Business Models in the Age of Social Networks, Crowdsourcing” Financial Post Executive (September 2009) 
  • “Social Media Driving New Business Thinking” Financial Post(September 2009)
  • “Nirvana is the Exception - Viral Campaign” Financial Post(July 2009)
  • “Future of the NHL could rest in Europe” Toronto Star(January 2009)
  • “Gadgets, Gizmos and Gimmicks - The Strange Appeal of 'As Seen on TV' Gifts” The Canadian Press (December 2008)
  • “Green is the New Gold” Backbone Magazine(May 2008)
  • “Custom Jersey Designer wants to Turn Pro” The Globe and Mail 
  • “Streaming Cash by Streaming Video - Brave New Digital World to Better Market” The Toronto Star(April  2008) 
  • “Gaming Arcades Battle for Market Share - Competition in entertainment industry 'brutal'”Business Edge (May 2006)