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To commence operations, SP Jain London School of Management (SPJ London) has entered into a validation arrangement with a UK Higher Education Provider. They were selected because of their expertise in managing partnerships and running business programmes.

The partnership is to support SPJ London on its journey to being awarded teaching degree powers and continue through to be eligible for the university title. Once SPJ London has been approved by the Office for Students (OfS), has completed QAA formalities and has degree awarding powers, SPJ London anticipates its relationship with its partner will mature to the continued benefit of students and staff at both organisations.

SPJ London has appointed a real estate agent and has shortlisted several suitable properties within central London. It anticipates signing a long-term lease, preferably with existing planning permission for education and refurbishing it to meet high standards for student and staff experience.

SPJ London will be overseen by a Governance Board comprised of a majority of independent directors. Faculty staff will be recruited both locally and from around the world. Professional student support staff, including counsellors, tutors, administrators, etc., will be in place to ensure an excellent and safe student learning experience.