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Accelerated Management Program

Why SP Jain’s AMP?


Develop new skills to fast-track your career growth


SP Jain’s Accelerated Management Program has been designed to equip you with foundation-level concepts, cross-functional essentials, strategic thinking skills, an understanding of emerging platforms, and leadership skills to drive disruptive change – all crucial for transitioning to senior management roles. Within a period of six months, you will be trained to apply contemporary concepts and frameworks to develop a smart leadership approach in disrupted times.


Benefit from one-to-one mentoring & coaching

The courses taught in a lab mode will give you the opportunity to grow your confidence and develop a ‘can do’ attitude. You will get to interact with senior industry practitioners and SP Jain alumni and learn from their personal experiences, perspectives and challenges.

Benefit from one-to-one mentoring & coaching

Experience a classroom-like engagement at your doorstep

Using cutting-edge technology and pedagogy, SP Jain transforms your learning experience by delivering the program through its new Engaged Learning Online (ELO) platform. By simply logging in, you get a classroom-like engagement no matter where you are – at home, work, a café or even while travelling. You can connect with peers and faculty from different countries, collaborate on assignments, discuss and debate, participate in polls, quizzes, breakout sessions and more – all in real time.


Through interactive application exercises, case studies, simulations and more, you will engage in solving live and real-world problems such as:

  • Why did crude oil price come down to zero? What is its impact on India’s Balance of Payments?
  • Select an industry whose supply chain has been impacted by COVID-19. How can you make it more agile and resilient?
  • Who is winning the US-China trade war?
  • What is unique about the Amazon Go store format? Will it work in India?
  • Why did Facebook invest in Reliance Jio? Is 10% stake worth USD 5.7 billion?
  • Should Byjus enter higher education? Develop a go-to market strategy using social media.
  • For the Taj Hotels, develop a digital campaign for improving its occupancy for the next 1 year and design a dashboard of metrics for evaluating its performance.
  • How can the GMR group, which manages Delhi airport, leverage its big data for generating new revenue streams?
  • Using the Blue Ocean Strategy framework, recommend a way forward for WeWork to sustain its growth and profitability in India.

Learn using cutting-edge pedagogy
Make an immediate impact at work

Make an immediate impact at work

You can apply the knowledge you gain in class to solve the problems at work and add immediate value to your career, while getting valuable feedback from your peers and faculty. Be up to date with the present-day challenges and solution-driven approaches for accelerated professional development.


You will develop an entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial action plan in a global context for driving business innovation leveraging new-age technology. You will apply all the skills and concepts learnt throughout the program in crafting a strategy for ensuring sustainability and profitability in a turbulent business environment and hone the skills to be a ‘consultant’.

Undertake an Action Learning Project
Study at a leading business school


SP Jain has been recognised by highly regarded global rankings that include Forbes, Times Higher Education-Wall Street Journal, The Economist and Financial Times – an accomplishment we attribute to our razor-sharp focus on offering innovative and result-oriented business education. On successful completion of the Accelerated Management Program, you will receive a certificate from SP Jain, giving your career an added impetus.

Join our global alumni network

You will gain access to over 8,500+ SP Jain alumni and there are many easy ways to tap into this exceptional network. Our online alumni portal is a wonderful platform to connect with fellow graduates from different industries and build contacts that can be leveraged personally and professionally. The program is your starting point to a lifetime of learning and networking.