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Dear friends,

The coronavirus has been an extreme wake-up call for businesses all over the world. For companies such as Amazon, Zoom and Gilead Sciences, it has provided new and enhanced opportunities. For others such as Singapore Airlines, Hilton Hotels and Disney, it has been a question of survival. No matter head winds or tail winds, irrespective of their size or sector, businesses across the globe have realised that their business models are frozen in time and now need to engage in disruptive innovation to adapt to the ‘new normal’.

Companies are looking to hire New Age Leaders with skills to enable a rapid recovery of revenue growth and profitability while ensuring resilience and longevity by staying ahead of the curve.

Our Accelerated Management Program (AMP) is an exciting journey for those who have at least two years of managerial experience to rapidly acquire the skills necessary to fast-track their careers. It offers experiential learning using our cutting-edge Engaged Learning Online (ELO) technology with inputs provided by diverse global faculty, using contemporary cases and simulations, solving problems at work and live challenges from the real world, and with sessions in a lab mode to grow one’s confidence for a ‘can do’ attitude.

Besides core, the advanced subjects include: Data Analytics for Decision Making, Consulting Skills & Tools, Blue Ocean Strategy, Emerging Platforms & Technologies, Personal Effectiveness & Negotiations Skills, Customer Value Management, Leadership Excellence & Change Management, and Business Strategy & Sustainability. The grand finale is the Global Immersion Project requiring one to wear the hat of a ‘consultant’ and leverage Technology for Business Innovation.

So why not join our very unique and timely journey to transform yourself?


Director – Accelerated Management Program
Dean – Global MBA & Master of Global Business
Professor of Marketing & Strategy
Former Dean – Executive MBA (2006-2016)
SP Jain School of Global Management