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Accelerated Management Program



SP Jain’s Accelerated Management Program curriculum has been carefully crafted to help students cultivate a consultant’s mindset enabled by real-world experiential learning.


Learn Foundational Skills

  • Start the program by learning mathematics for business
  • Understand the concepts of Macro and Micro-economics and implement in the upcoming modules
  • Develop skills necessary for enhancing Personal Effectiveness

Courses offered

  • Business Economics
  • Business Statistics and Research Methodology
  • Personal Effectiveness and Negotiation Skills (Lab mode)

Intelligences Applied: Contextual, Social & Emotional



Engage in Cross Functional Thinking

  • Understand key corporate functions from a holistic perspective
  • Learn concepts and frameworks for understanding financial aspects of doing business and enhancing operational efficiencies
  • Upscale skills necessary for cross-functional decision making

Courses offered

  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Accounting for Decision Making
  • Operations Management

Intelligences Applied: Generative, Contextual, Moral



Analyse Complexity and Ideate Strategic Thinking

  • Begin to engage in critical thinking and assess financial implications of decisions
  • Solve problems at work and cultivate skills and the mindset of a ‘consultant’
  • Understand the nuances of corporate governance and the frameworks for developing a strategy and ensuring sustainability

Courses offered

  • Corporate Finance
  • Consulting Skills and Tools (Lab mode)
  • Business Strategy and Sustainability

Intelligences Applied: Generative, Contextual, Transformative



Drive Change through Leadership and Innovation

  • Develop skills to enable change through a study and practice of leadership styles and initiatives
  • Get certified in the practice of Blue Ocean Strategy to engage in strategic innovation for creating new markets and making the existing competition irrelevant

Courses offered

  • Leadership Excellence and Change Management (Lab mode)
  • Strategic Innovation (Lab mode)

Intelligences Applied: Generative, Technological, Transformative, Social & Emotional



Embrace New Age Technologies for Value Creation

  • Learn how to analyse big data and engage in analytics with implications for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Understand Emerging Platforms from the viewpoint of leveraging them for business disruption
  • Understand Omni Channel behaviour of customers in different markets and segments to learn to allocate marketing resources for growing customers' lifetime value. 

Courses offered

  • Business Data Analytics for Decision Making
  • Emerging Platforms and Services for Disruption
  • Customer Value Management (Lab mode)

Intelligences Applied: Generative, Technological, Transformative



Resilient Mindset for Sustaining Growth and Profitability

  • Cultivate the competence for sustaining growth and profitability in a turbulent business environment
  • Apply skills and concepts learnt throughout the program for developing a strategy for ensuring sustainability
  • Develop an entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial action plan in a global context for driving business innovation leveraging new-age technology

Courses offered

  • Technology Enabled Business Model Innovation (Lab mode)
  • Action Learning Project – Meeting the Corporate Challenge

Intelligences Applied: All 6 – Contextual, Moral, Social & Emotional, Generative, Technological, Transformative