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Would you like to skip the wait to pursue a world-class MBA? We welcome you to take the first step and attend our exclusive Information Session and Admission Day to help you ease your admission process and complete your application for SP Jain’s Executive MBA (EMBA) program (offered in two formats – On-Campus and Virtual). You will get the opportunity to:

  • Interact with our Admissions Team on a one-on-one basis
  • Discover the benefits of our EMBA program and its flexible formats
  • Get all your questions answered in person
  • Learn about our new immersive Engaged Learning Online (ELO) technology
  • Apply and complete the Admission Process on the same day
    (your Registration, Aptitude Test and Evaluation Fees will be waived off)
  • Check your eligibility for tuition aid

Register now for the session and kick-start your next big career move to stay ahead of competition in this fast-changing business landscape.

Program Overview

To get to the next stage – whether it is to grow within your current organisation, nurture your entrepreneurial skills or make that giant career leap – you will need the management expertise and professional connections that a world-class MBA will help you foster. The SP Jain Executive MBA (EMBA) is built to enable senior professionals, like you, discover your unique style of leadership, seize challenging opportunities, develop a decision-making track record and unlock growth paths you may once have thought as impossible.

18-month part-time program

Ideal for working professional with 3+ years of work experience

Graduate with an Australian degree


Of all the knowledge, skills and experience that you bring to your company, the most valuable one is the ability to make winning decisions. After all, great decision-making is one of the hallmarks of great leadership.

The SP Jain EMBA is built on the principle that leaders, no matter what type, will be faced with many difficult and different decisions. Through case studies, discussions, debates, polls, quizzes, simulations, personalised coaching and mentorship sessions, you will explore new approaches to decision-making and leadership, relate theory to practice, discover the formula common to all good decisions and add immediate value to your career.

Working across a wide range of corporate challenges – with ideas and inputs generated through teamwork and collaboration with peers and faculty from around the world – you will have the opportunity to apply your knowledge to real-time business challenges, adding immediate value to your career and your organisation.


Effective problem-solving and decision-making are some of the major challenges faced by workplaces across the globe. With the Problems At Work (PAW) feature of the EMBA Program, students are challenged to frame and articulate the problems they face in their work environments, debate and discuss them with peers in groups, identify and evaluate alternatives, and arrive at a viable solution. The key objective of this exercise is to hone one’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills, hence enhancing the applicability and relevance of the curriculum.


The Applied Business Research (ABR) component is directed towards creating a higher degree of understanding of the corporate environment. The idea is to provide students with opportunities to apply concepts within the context of their organisation and, thus, influence management practices.

The Applied Business Research is done in two stages:

Stage 1: Define a business problem/opportunity and develop a research proposal

Stage 2: Conduct primary research that is both quantitative and qualitative in nature, and arrive at strategic recommendations that are submitted in the form of a final study report

The whole initiative is structured to allow students to gain the knowledge and functional and cross-functional understanding of business, before applying it within the context of their own organisation. The result is the production of a 'consultant-class' report that provides actionable strategic directions for an organisation.

In today’s workplace, business is conducted in teams. And, part of the strength of the SP Jain EMBA is the opportunity that you have to connect with a global network of corporate executives, managers and entrepreneurs from around the world, and embrace the diversity of thoughts, ideas, experiences and decision-making they bring to the classroom.

Not only will you leave with meaningful and lifelong relationships that can be leveraged personally and professionally, but with the preparation to lead transnational teams and the ability to view business and leadership challenges from different perspectives.

A great career in business starts with your ability to apply fundamentals. Master these essential building blocks through courses in topics such as Managerial Economics, Corporate Finance, Marketing Management and Operations. As you progress in the program, you have the option to customise your education by choosing to specialise in an area targeting your career.

The following specialisations are offered to EMBA students:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • General Management

Each specialisation offers an intensive curriculum that combines functional management knowledge with decision-making tools and frameworks, and real-world learning experiences with industry experts. As an EMBA student at SP Jain, you also have the flexibility of opting for General Management by choosing electives from all three areas of specialisations.




SP Jain School of Global Management (SP Jain) is a leading Australian business school known for its disruptive innovation in business education. The School has campuses in the vibrant cities of Dubai, Singapore, Mumbai and Sydney, and is renowned for running its global business programs across these cities.

For its flagship Global MBA program, the School has been ranked by reputed international publications such as Forbes, Nielsen, Global Brands, Financial Times and The Economist. Globally-intelligent and culturally agile, the SP Jain student is able to adapt to new situations with ease and finesse and is more than ready to take on the global challenges of the 21st century.