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Farrokh Zandi

Adjunct Faculty


  • PhD, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada (1982)
  • Master of Arts, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Canada (1975)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Pahlavi University, Shiraz, Iran
Subject Taught / Student Project Mentor
  • Macro / Managerial / Business Economics

Academic experience

  • Adjunct Faculty at SP Jain School of Global Management
  • Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs, Sessional Lecturer, Economics 
    Schulich School of Business, York University, Canada (2008 – Present)
  • Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management
    McGill University, Assistant Professor, Brock University, Canada


  • Managerial Economics and Business Strategy, McGraw Hill and Ryerson, Co-authoring with Michael Baye, 2005
  • Managerial Economics, Commonwealth of Learning, 2004
  • Economics Environment of Business, Commonwealth of Learning, 2002
  • Study Guide, to accompany Principles of Microeconomics by Case, Fair, Strains and Veall, Prentice Hall, 2002
  • Study Guide, to accompany Macroeconomics by Blanchard & Melino, Prentice Hall, 2000
  • Instructor’s Manual to accompany “Canada and the New Economic Order”, edited by Tom Wesson, 1999

Working Papers, Refereed Journals, Presentations and Proceedings

  • “Commodity Currencies and the Real Exchange Rates in Developing Countries,” Working Paper, 2014
  • “Tourism and Growth: The Case of Turkey Versus Dubai,” Working Paper, 2012
  • “Dual and Multiple Exchange Rates in Iran,” Working Paper, 2011
  • “Cost Models and Pricing Strategies for e-Learning in Universities,” Working Paper, 2010
  • “Canada’s Vulnerability to the U.S. Subprime Mortgage Markets,” Working Paper, July 2008
  • “Retail Gasoline Prices In Canada: An End To The Cycle Behaviour,” Working Paper, 2007
  • “Integration of Turkey into European Union: The impact on Tourist Industry,” Working Paper, 2006
  • “Price cycles in Retail Gasoline Markets in Ontario’s market,” Working Paper, 2005
  • “Game-Theoretic Analysis of the Canada-US Lumber Trade Dispute,” Working Paper, 2005
  • “Siddiqi Fine Leather Unlimited – Competing For Greater Exports in Pakistan,” Case Study, 2004
  • “Tan Bien Cashews in Vietnam,” Case Study, 2004
  • Warung Pojok: Going from Corner Stall to Mainstream in Indonesia, Case Study, 2004 
  • “WTO and the Future of the world Trade,” Central European University, Budapest, May 2004
  • “Canada and the New World Economic Order,” presented to Canadian Association of Iranian Accountants, September 2003
  • “An Overview of Monetary Policy Framework of Bank of Canada,” Executive Lectures Series: senior banking delegation from China, Toronto, Canada, March 2003 
  •  “Building a Business In Bhutan – Where To Begin?” Case Study, 2003 
  • “Monas Jute: Rising to the Challenge In Bangladesh,” Case Study, 2003 
  • “The Canadian Halal Poultry Business – Fatima Foods,” Case Study, 2003 
  • “Flores de Cali: The Cut Flower Industry of Colombia,” Case Study, 2003 
  • “The Manjula Plantation’s Monsoon Malabar Dilemma,” Case Study, 2003 
  • “The Regulation of Financial Institutions in a Global Context,” Executive Lectures Series: senior banking delegation from China, Toronto, Canada, April 2001 
  • “The Global Competitiveness Ranking: Where Does Canada Stand?” Canadian Graduate Business Schools Council, Toronto, Canada, February 2000
  • “The NAFTA, Chapter 11: Investment- A Review and Discussion,” edited in North American Free Trade Agreement: Canada’s Perspective, McCarthy Tetrault, December 1999 
  • “Reinterpretations of the Short-Run Demand for Money,” Eastern Economic Journal, August-October 1991 
  • “Restructuring: Implications for Political Economy.” Invited paper to International Workshop, Organized by Eastern Economic Journal, May 1991 
  • “Immiserizing Factor Growth and the Non-Equivalence of Quotas and VERs,” with M. Anam, International Economics Journal, Fall 1989
  • “Real Interest Rate Differentials and Foreign Exchange Markets in Canada,” with S. Rahman, Atlantic Economic Journal, July 1986
  • “Does Money Matter?” paper discussed at the Canadian Economics Association, Windsor, Ontario, June 1988 
  • “Money, Working Capital and Production in Developing Countries: A Disequilibrium Approach,” paper discussed at the Canadian Economics Association, Windsor, Ontario, June 1988 
  • “The Demand for Money and the Term Structure of Interest Rates in Canada,” paper presented at the Twenty Third International Atlantic Economic Conference, Munich, West Germany, April 1987 
  • “On the Canadian Dollar: Real Interest Rate Differentials and Foreign Exchange Markets in Canada,” paper presented at the Nineteenth International Atlantic Economic Conference, Rome, Italy, March 1985 
  • “The Dynamic Adjustment to an Oil Price Rise,” paper presented at the Tenth Annual Meeting Of The Eastern Economic Association, New York, U.S.A, March 1984 
  • “The Demand for Money: Some Evidence on Egypt and Canada,” paper discussed at the Tenth Annual Meeting of The Canadian Atlantic Association, Halifax, Nova Scotia, October 1983


  • International Trade and Finance, Monetary Economics