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Kurtas, Mekhalas, Pherans and more - MGLuxM Batch 2 celebrates Cultural and Traditional Day

To celebrate the epitome of India’s rich and diverse culture, the students of MGLuxM, April 2017 batch of SP Jain organised the ‘Cultural and Traditional Day”. Each student was adorned in their traditional attire from different parts of the country; from elegant sarees and salwar kameeez’ to kurtas and pyjamas, the day was a fantastic way to connect with and adapt to the assortment of traditions within the classroom itself.

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Conversation Series Reignites with MGLuxM Batch 2 discussing “Luxury Jewelry and Watch” sector

Learning is not subject only to classroom learning. The Masters in Global Luxury Goods and Services team endorses this fact and believes firmly in providing their students with the best possible industry exposure, to give them relevant insights and market awareness, from the pioneers in the luxury industry themselves.

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Orientation Day for the Opening batch of Luxury Management in Mumbai

On the 17th of October 2016, S P Jain embarked on a new milestone with the start of its first batch of Masters in Global Luxury Goods and Services Management in collaboration with MIP- Politecnico Di Milano Graduate School of Business, at S P Jain’s Mumbai Campus.

An academic tie between the two prestigious business schools was made, based on the shared belief that tomorrow’s market leaders in luxury management must have a global reach and knowledge. As an emerging market, India has become the prime destination for luxury brands, which is the key driver behind this course.

The student orientation program was held to acquaint the students with the academic aspects as well as what is expected of them in the light of the curriculum. Attended by both students and parents, the ceremony was hosted by Miss Soumya Shetty, and it began with the traditional Indian ceremony of lighting of the lamp by the course directors - Dr. Radhika Narayanan, S.P. Jain and Dr. Alessandro Brun, MIP and two student body representatives.

Topics: MGLuxM