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Experiencing Jewellery Manufacture - MGLuxM Factory Visit to Diyaan

Occasions Everyday! That’s the essence at Diyaan.

The students of Masters in Global Luxury Goods and Services Management experienced the same at Diyaan’s factory-workshop which spoke volumes not only about the process of jewellery manufacturing but also celebrating the little things that come along the way.

Having a hands-on experience of designing, the intricate processes of filing, polishing, diamond grading, micro-setting, rhodium coating, gold melting, metal alloying, laser inscription, CNC technology, R&D, and consumer behavior & insights was an eye-opener for the students. Realising the efforts and energy that is put into creating a piece of jewellery and watching the experts live in action from conceptualisation to realization was an experience in itself. The experience truly encompassed the government initiatives of Make in India, Skill India, Start-Up India & Digital India.

Topics: Luxury Management, Industry Visit