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MGLuxM Feb'21 Highlights: Luxury, Fashion Start-Ups and Social Media


The month of February 2021 saw SP Jain School of Global Management’s Master in Global Luxury Goods & Services Management (MGLuxM) students participate in a series of virtual power talks and thought-leadership webinars with renowned industry experts who shared their insights on luxury, fashion start-ups and social media. Here are the highlights:

SP Jain School of Global Management’s Bachelor of Data Science (BDS) students from the October 2020 Intake attended a guest session hosted by Anjana Vinod (Positivity Coach and Trainer) on ‘Management Theory on Team Formation’ where they got the opportunity to learn, understand and experience the various stages of team development in a fun and engaging way.

The students formed groups to undertake activities. In the first activity, every student wrote their initials on a sheet of paper and decorated it with doodles that best described their interests and hobbies. Ms Vinod then proposed the concept of a '90-Second Elevator Pitch' where one must present themselves under 90 seconds with an aim to stand out. The pitch could include their name, hobbies, strengths and how they could help bridge the current skill gap in the market. The objective of the activity was to introduce oneself effectively within a brief amount of time.

 A student showcases his doodle that best describes his interests and hobbies
A student presents his doodle showcasing his interests

Soon after, the students formed new groups for the second activity. Each student highlighted their strengths and, later, each team identified a common quality that united its members and expressed it in the form of a logo. To add elements of creativity and entertainment, they choreographed and performed a unique group dance move. Some students also enhanced their performances by adding music and showcasing their artistic skills.

These activities helped the students understand the Bruce Tuckman Model (Stages of Team Development) that consists of 5 steps:

  • Forming
  • Storming
  • Norming
  • Performing
  • Adjourning

They gained skills such as:

  • Understanding their team members
  • Ownership and accountability
  • Knowing the importance of creativity and contribution
  • Trust and confidence among team members
  • Conflict resolution
  • Participative decision-making
  • Leadership

Ms Vinod’s interactive and informative session helped the students develop an innovative mindset.


This article is written by our BDS’20 student Gargi Asthana.



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