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Christian Louboutin Store Visit – MGLuxM students get first-hand experience in luxury retail


Batch 10 students of the MGLuxM program at SP Jain visited the Christian Louboutin store at Kala Ghoda Fort in Mumbai on July 29, 2022.

Batch 10 students of the MGLuxM program at SP Jain visited the Christian Louboutin store at Kala Ghoda Fort in Mumbai on July 29, 2022.

The students were welcomed by Eric Mistry (Boutique manager) and Sukesh Deolekar (Senior Sales Associate), who took them on a store tour. They showed them all the current collections, including the bags, shoes, and all the classics.


Next, they visited the top floor of the store – which is for the bridal collections. It is made solely for Indian bridal customers keeping in mind the vast market for it in the country.

Mr Deolekar also spoke about Christian's story of how he made his first pair of red shoes. The students also learned that all Christian Louboutin stores have arches and wooden stairs or flooring because this is how Christian prefers it.


Here's an interesting story behind it:

Once, Christian visited a place with a sign that forbade women from wearing high heels to avoid damaging the wooden flooring and because it made a loud noise. Being a rebel, he decided to defy it one day.


Mr Deolekar further addressed how some people claim that Louboutin shoes are uncomfortable. He says, "Sometimes fashion can be uncomfortable, but Christian listens to his clients. He tries everything he can to make it less painful and more comfortable. At Louboutin, there are shoes for everyone, but the pain is said to be something worth the fabulous look".


He also spoke about Louboutin's loyal customers like Blake Lively, who only wears CL and others like Zendaya, Kate and several others who are fans of the infamous red soles.

From learning fascinating facts about the brand to knowing about the work culture and values at Christian Louboutin, the students got a first-hand experience in luxury retail.


  • Christian gets his inspiration from anything he sees. He made his signature shoes and didn't like them at first, so he got his assistant's nail polish and painted it red, which was how the classic red soles were born.
  • Christian loves to party and travel. He takes inspiration from the places he visits to make his next collection. His spring collection was inspired by his visit to Greece, and the winter collection from his Paris visit.
  • Christian loves India too, and he says, "India has always inspired my design and always will. From textiles to jewellery and cinema, I draw from everything!"


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