S P Jain’s New Global MBA
is characterised by four key elements
  • blended learning

  • immersion courses

  • simulations

  • global learning


  • 12


  • 3+






  • Multinational




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Financial Times (U.K.) ranked S P Jain’s Global MBA among the top 1% programs worldwide, consecutively in 2011 and 2012.


Recognising the increasing need for business professionals to assume different roles and achieve several organisational objectives, the academic community at S P Jain has reimagined its postgraduate curriculum to focus on the more real-world aspects of business like strategic thinking, critical analysis, global intelligence, problem-solving, effective communication and the development of important soft skills, without actually compromising on hard skills.

Many aspects of this new curriculum have been inspired from intensive review of industry practices and trends, and stimulating discussions with top recruiters, multinational faculty, staff, students and alumni on how traditional business education must evolve to create a global, relevant and engaging learning experience for students.

LEarning objectives of the new mba

Gain the latest disciplinary and interdisciplinary business and management knowledge to aid planning and control in a dynamic global environment
Understand business issues and acquire disciplinary and interdisciplinary skills to responsibly solve problems in local and global contexts
Learn to seek effective alternative solutions by improvising and thinking “out of the box”
Make sound decisions and solve complex business problems using problem with the use of tools and models
Apply innovative techniques to address new issues and generate ideas for sustainable growth
Think critically and reason analytically to acquire skills to make reasoned and sound business decisions
Attain professional written and verbal communication skills tailored to the needs of various audiences as well as for impromptu purposes. Students should develop effective interpersonal communication: mindful listening, empathy, and reliability

Tri-City Model

A unique aspect of our Global MBA program is its global nature – all students spend a specific duration of the program (typically four months) at our campuses in Dubai, Sydney and Singapore. Each country represents a dynamic regional economy and an ideal backdrop to learn global business, apply your learning in an international context, build important global networks, and develop and demonstrate key real-world attributes.


Dubai is at the forefront of the world’s dynamic and emerging market economies, and is known for its liberal policies, international outlook and world-class facilities and infrastructure. “Dubai means business” is more than just a slogan. Here, you study and understand Arabic culture and appreciate Middle East politics in a secure, ultra-modern setting.


Sydney has it all – beaches, great outdoors and a pulsating arts and music scene. It is home to some of the world’s largest banks, retail firms, a thriving mining industry and also, the centre of modern design and architecture. As a mature first-world city, Sydney offers you a safe, stimulating and enriching environment to explore life in a Western culture.


Singapore is ranked #1 in the world for ‘ease of doing business’ by the World Bank, and is highly reputed for its governance and forward thinking society. As one of Asia’s fastest growing economies, Singapore offers you a first-hand exposure to unique Chinese and Southeast Asian business practices.


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